Lac Megantic: CBCNEWS leads with Toronto rainstorm

The railroad built this city, a train almost killed it The heart-wrenching tragedy in Lac Megantic, Quebec has taken a backseat on CBCNEWS to Toronto’s morning commute after yesterday’s floods. God forbid the trek to work should be hampered. Never mind that dozens of people are still missing in the aftermath of the huge trainContinue reading “Lac Megantic: CBCNEWS leads with Toronto rainstorm”

Cirque du Soleil is not on life support, sorry CBC

In today’s The Gazette there is an interesting opinion piece on the Cirque du Soleil’s recent job cuts. About a week ago I was listening to Jian Ghomeshi’s “Q” on CBC and the subject came up. You would have thought the entire multi-billion dollar enterprise had collapsed. The two guests, J. Kelly Nestruck and KarenContinue reading “Cirque du Soleil is not on life support, sorry CBC”

Quebec students to vote on resuming class

So when the protesting students want to effect change in a democratic society they take to the streets rather than the polls. But when they want to alter something internally they fall back on that old reliable democratic process called voting! Now that there is an actual election campaign underway, leading to a real electionContinue reading “Quebec students to vote on resuming class”