Express Kidnapping in Caracas; A Firsthand Experience

Journalist Matthew Fisher is currently filing reports for Canada’s The National Post from Caracas, Venezuela. In an ongoing series focused on the multitude of problems facing Venezuelans, the sub-head of his most recent column is: Life is cheap in Caracas, dubbed “the kidnap capital of the world”. The concept of kidnapping for financial gain isContinue reading “Express Kidnapping in Caracas; A Firsthand Experience”

Venezuela: Maduro Welcomes Castro – Hope He Likes Ketchup – While Cuban Flag Runs for Freedom

… during the welcoming ceremonies the Cuban flag, like so many of its citizens, made a break for freedom! As the juxtaposed photos below indicate, the old adage that full shelves are better for sales is being put to the test in Venezuela. On the left we see the bare milk and meat section whileContinue reading “Venezuela: Maduro Welcomes Castro – Hope He Likes Ketchup – While Cuban Flag Runs for Freedom”

Venezuelan Protesters to Forgo Carnivals

Today is the Friday before the long weekend that ends on Tuesday, or Mardi Gras, also known in Latin America as carnivals. The last big blow out before Lent, the forty day period of abstinence on the Catholic calendar.  Rio de Janeiro has its samba schools with ladies in elaborate but barely-there costumes, New OrleansContinue reading “Venezuelan Protesters to Forgo Carnivals”

SOS Venezuela: Godspeed and Chévere!

Abajo puede ver la traducción en español Dear Venezuelan Opposition, It is easy for me to sit here safely, some 4000 kilometers away, and urge you to keep up that momentum, to stay in the streets and maintain pressure on the government, but I believe that’s what must be done, and that you are showingContinue reading “SOS Venezuela: Godspeed and Chévere!”

Venezuela: Shortages of basics alter shopping methods

Against the backdrop of the latest diplomatic squabble between the United States and Venezuela which has so far seen tit-for-tat expulsions – the score is tied at three turfings each – the New York Times has a piece on how the country is coping with its new leader. The title, To Venezuelans, Heir of ChávezContinue reading “Venezuela: Shortages of basics alter shopping methods”

Modern Venezuela and Wartime London; coping with shortages

The situation is bad and getting worse. A woman runs a small luncheon restaurant that has been doing very well but now faces problems because of difficulty obtaining sufficient supplies. Milk, sugar, flour are all in short supply in her city, which is the country’s capital. Word had made it to the cash area thatContinue reading “Modern Venezuela and Wartime London; coping with shortages”

Venezuelan traffic jams: when gridlock is the least of your worries

Next time you find yourself sitting in a traffic jam, with no movement at all – total gridlock – and you say to yourself, “Self, this couldn’t possibly be any worse”  realize that, in fact, it could be worse. You could be stuck in that same traffic jam, unable to go anywhere, while being robbed atContinue reading “Venezuelan traffic jams: when gridlock is the least of your worries”