Venezuelan democracy: shots fired at protesters

At a peaceful demonstration, except for the car horns, organized by supporters of opposition leader Henrique Capriles in the Venezuelan city of Maracay panic erupts as shots are fired. The incident was filmed from a balcony overlooking the protest and shows marchers scattering as shots ring out from under trees. Venezuelan democracy at its best!Continue reading “Venezuelan democracy: shots fired at protesters”

Venezuelan democracy takes a giant step backwards

Venezuela may be a country better known for beauty queens and oil  than agriculture, but it’s politicians sure can throw haymakers! This is government in the post-Chavez era, complete with fisticuffs and brawling, blood and bruises – in the legislature, not on the streets! Democracy Venezuelan-style, or at least modern Venezuelan-style, if anything about Venezuelan can be calledContinue reading “Venezuelan democracy takes a giant step backwards”

Venezuela in flux after close election

There was no clear winner in yesterday’s Venezuelan election. Not surprisingly acting President Nicolas Maduro has claimed victory and, on one hand, appears to have every right to do so as the votes indicate he beat his  opponent Henrique Capriles by some 235,000 votes. (51.7% to 49.1%). However things may not be all that rosy in the Maduro camp.Continue reading “Venezuela in flux after close election”

Venezuela votes amid chirping birds and empty supermarket shelves

Yesterday, on the eve of a national election, interim Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro spent time visiting the tomb of Hugo Chavez to mark the anniversary of the 2002 coup d’etat attempt.  Of course Maduro wasn’t campaigning because that would have been illegal as the day before an election is a black-out day and candidates can’t callContinue reading “Venezuela votes amid chirping birds and empty supermarket shelves”

Trudeau takes highroad, Maduro talks to birds; voting results on Sunday

The results of two votes will be made public on Sunday: the Liberal Party of Canada will release the outcome of its leadership vote that has been taking place all week online, while in Venezuela the election to replace the late Hugo Chávez as president will be held. The only thing these two events have in common,Continue reading “Trudeau takes highroad, Maduro talks to birds; voting results on Sunday”

“Illegal” immigrants, where is Mexico, and a curse invoked in Venezuelan election

A couple of interesting items relating to Latin America in the news today. In his Miami Herald column, Andres Oppenheimer addresses the issue of “illegal immigrants”, not the people labelled as such, but the term itself. The Associated Press has recently opted to use “undocumented immigrants” instead. But more interesting is the use of theContinue reading ““Illegal” immigrants, where is Mexico, and a curse invoked in Venezuelan election”

Hugo Chavez, Henrique Capriles and the future of Venezuela

The post below was originally published this evening, it was, in fact, “liked” by two kind readers. It then, somehow, disappeared completely from my blog. Clicking on the link in an email turns up a “Not Found” message. Is it the ghost of Chavez? Or just a technical glitch. Hmmm … Here it is again, this timeContinue reading “Hugo Chavez, Henrique Capriles and the future of Venezuela”

A hopeful, positive reaction to the Venezuelan election from London

In the wake of Sunday’s Venezuelan election here is a very positive, well written and passionate reaction from a Venezuelan currently studying in London, England. I share the feeling of grief and disappointment of all my fellow countrymen that yesterday voted for the democratic alternative. I followed the elections day by day and it trulyContinue reading “A hopeful, positive reaction to the Venezuelan election from London”