Rogers, HNIC and Guy Lapointe

When it comes to Canada and hockey there is no end to the possible cliches. But cliches usually become cliche because they are true. It cannot be denied; we Canadians love our hockey. Therefore successfully televising NHL hockey should be about as difficult as selling bottled water in the desert. Yet the new rights-holder toContinue reading “Rogers, HNIC and Guy Lapointe”

The Boston Hockey Fan’s Montreal Map:Irish Pubs, Strip Bars and a Basilica

None of the Canadiens had played at (12:30) since Pee-Wee, and those games comprise three 15-minute periods. No wonder the Habs stopped playing after 45 minutes! Welcome to Montreal Boston hockey fans! So the 34th Bruins/Habs playoff series is all tied up at one game apiece after that sneaky 12:30 start for game two. NoneContinue reading “The Boston Hockey Fan’s Montreal Map:Irish Pubs, Strip Bars and a Basilica”

Boston vs Montreal: Playoff Rivalry Take 34

Any day now, after what seems like a decade-long break, the Montreal Canadiens will begin the second round of the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs. The long period of downtime was the result of a four-game sweep of their first round opponents, the Tampa Bay Lightning. All teams like a bit of a rest during theContinue reading “Boston vs Montreal: Playoff Rivalry Take 34”