Hey Canadian Tire, ‘Wanna’ Is Not a Word!

Canadian Tire is a big company that makes a point of giving back. They sponsor a variety of community events and causes. But evidently grammar is not their forte. Currently the company is running a campaign to get kids out into the fresh air, away from computers and video games for a little fun. GreatContinue reading “Hey Canadian Tire, ‘Wanna’ Is Not a Word!”

Christmas Commercials: Some Classic, Some Not So Much

Only one week to go; hit that shopping panic button! Lamentably when we think of Christmas it is usually in a non-religious aspect. You know, the commercial greed-driven exercise in consumerism. If there is a good side to this, it’s that the season of peace on earth and goodwill toward humans has spawned numerous fineContinue reading “Christmas Commercials: Some Classic, Some Not So Much”