Canada Post: Delivering The Internet, Sort Of

Dear Canada Post and Pharmaprix, Let me begin by pointing out that I am a strong proponent of Canada Post. When all about are calling to dismantle the service I steadfastly disagree. However. The missed delivery card clearly indicated that my package would be available for pick up the next day after 1:00 pm. ButContinue reading “Canada Post: Delivering The Internet, Sort Of”

Technology Can Cut Both Ways

In general I like the services provided by Canada Post. With fewer folks using the old mail system, the post office has tried to keep up with things to remain relevant. ¬†Ironically this includes using the same technology that is cutting into their business. Sometimes this technology can cut both ways. Phew, said I, thatContinue reading “Technology Can Cut Both Ways”

Raoul Wallenberg Day in Canada: Commemorative stamp issued

Today, January 17, is Raoul Wallenberg Day in Canada. To commemorate Wallenberg’s heroic acts to save countless Jews during the Second World War, Canada Post is issuing a stamp in his likeness. The $1.65 international stamp, pictured below, is available from Raoul Wallenberg saved as many as 100,000 Jewish people in Budapest, Hungary duringContinue reading “Raoul Wallenberg Day in Canada: Commemorative stamp issued”