Not Mentioning Mass Killers Won’t Make Them Go Away

Sadly, once again, a mass killing is in the news. The horrific tragedy that took place last Friday in Santa Barbara, California, during which seven young lives, including the killer, were snuffed-out, has dominated the news this week. Killing sprees of this nature have become all too familiar and are always fodder for gun controlContinue reading “Not Mentioning Mass Killers Won’t Make Them Go Away”

Glocks on Campus

In light of yesterday’s tragedy in California, I reiterate that the only kind of “glocks” that should be found on or near a university campus are¬†glockenspiels¬†played by members of marching bands, and not those used to kill. Daily Post: Break the Silence DCMontreal is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balanceContinue reading “Glocks on Campus”

Fraudster who preys on Grandmas on the run in Montreal

There have probably been fraud artists since there was something worth defrauding people of. Even the devil in the Garden of Eden scammed Eve into munching the forbidden apple; although why Adam was dumb enough to go along I’ll never understand. Currently a particularly insidious fraudster is allegedly hiding out here in Montreal. Daniel MarcotteContinue reading “Fraudster who preys on Grandmas on the run in Montreal”