Boston Red Sox meet Bugs Bunny’s Hillbillies

DCMontreal is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit of this and a bit of that, a dash of Yin and a soupçon of Yang, some Peaks and Freans and maybe a bit of a sting in the tail! Please follow DC on Twitter @DCMontreal and onContinue reading “Boston Red Sox meet Bugs Bunny’s Hillbillies”

Weekly Writing Challenge: Looney Toons, movies and violence

Regarding the question posed in this week’s writing challenge: Does watching violent movies inspire violence in the real world? I am of the opinion that those with violent tendencies are going to act-out regardless of their viewing habits. Perhaps it’s a chicken-and-egg situation; do those with violent leanings watch more violent films, or do theContinue reading “Weekly Writing Challenge: Looney Toons, movies and violence”