COVID19 and the demise of the Bro-Hug

As we head into the heart of autumn, COVID19 warnings become more and more confusing. On the one hand vaccination numbers are up, not enough yet, but up. Yet some jurisdictions are reporting rises in the number of daily cases. Of course, there is a strong correlation in that the vast majority of these casesContinue reading “COVID19 and the demise of the Bro-Hug”

Bro-Hug: Millennials Take on Handshakes

They call them the millennial generation, or just millennials, those folks who became young adults around the year 2000. Like all generations they will surely leave their mark on society and, tattoo-lovers that they are, on themselves. Lost on millennials is the title of the late Irish blues guitar great Rory Gallagher, Tattoo’d Lady, andContinue reading “Bro-Hug: Millennials Take on Handshakes”