God Have Mercy on Montreal Drivers

Recently Quebec Transport Minister André Fortin was interviewed on television regarding the massive Turcot interchange work being carried out in western Montreal. He mentioned that work was, for the most part, on schedule. He understood that the last two years have been very hard on motorists with numerous detours and closures, and was honest whenContinue reading “God Have Mercy on Montreal Drivers”

Ontario’s Highway 407 Billing Scam

A couple of summers ago we went to Boston for a few days. We went over the Tobin Bridge and What if you ordered a steak and when the bill came it had an $11 plate fee? were informed by a clearly written sign that it was a toll bridge and that those cars withoutContinue reading “Ontario’s Highway 407 Billing Scam”

Boston’s Tobin Bridge: Untolled Thousands Owed by Motorists

During our recent jaunt to Boston we crossed the Tobin Memorial Bridge. The last time we did so, a few years ago, there were real people taking real cash at a real toll booth. But no more. The bridge is still a toll road, but no more toll booths. Instead regular users obtain an EZPassContinue reading “Boston’s Tobin Bridge: Untolled Thousands Owed by Motorists”

Canada and the USA; Some Subtle Cultural Differences

On our recent visit to the US, my significantly better half and I were discussing the various cultural differences we had encountered. No doubt we Canadians share more commonalities with our southern neighbors than differences, but there are some subtle variations that are an armchair sociologist’s delight! I am not implying that the waiters andContinue reading “Canada and the USA; Some Subtle Cultural Differences”

Boston: Closed on Sundays?

My significantly better half and I have just returned from a lovely mini vacation on the eastern coast of the USA. Other years we have stayed in Maine, but this year we went a little further south and found a great place in North Hampton, New Hampshire. More about that in a subsequent post. OneContinue reading “Boston: Closed on Sundays?”

MLB Must Act Now To Protect Fans

During a recent Red Sox game at Fenway Park a woman, sitting in the expensive seats along the third base line, was struck by the business end of a broken bat. At this time she remains hospitalized in a ‘life-threatening’ condition. While I understand that being close to the action is a considerable draw forContinue reading “MLB Must Act Now To Protect Fans”

Boston’s Never-ending Festival of Snow

If I turn on my TV and there are not a bunch of CNN reporters up to their arses in Boston snow I figure something is wrong. Boston is one of my favorite places, but what ever have you done to deserve this incredibly snowy fate? If I turn on my TV and there areContinue reading “Boston’s Never-ending Festival of Snow”

Snowmageddon 2015: Meteorologists’ Apologies and Maybe a Little Envy

I hope you are not reading this by candlelight or while stranded at the mall because of Snowstorm Juno. Many in the northeastern section of North America are dealing with the arrival of what is being called Snowmageddon 2015. As the system crawls up the eastern seaboard, sucking up moisture in preparation for a potentialContinue reading “Snowmageddon 2015: Meteorologists’ Apologies and Maybe a Little Envy”

Boston vs Montreal: Playoff Rivalry Take 34

Any day now, after what seems like a decade-long break, the Montreal Canadiens will begin the second round of the 2014 Stanley Cup playoffs. The long period of downtime was the result of a four-game sweep of their first round opponents, the Tampa Bay Lightning. All teams like a bit of a rest during theContinue reading “Boston vs Montreal: Playoff Rivalry Take 34”

Polar Vortex: Winter Driving Dos and Don’ts

This weekend yet another large winter storm, a nor’easter in fact, made its way, appropriately, both north and east causing much havoc to holiday travelers. At one point CNN reported that 100 million people were in the storm’s path. Although we are in the north-east of North America, here in Montreal we were spared allContinue reading “Polar Vortex: Winter Driving Dos and Don’ts”