There is no shame in being a victim

Yet another senseless tragedy has befallen the United States in the form of a shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. on Monday. Aaron Alexis shot and killed twelve innocent people as they were simply going about their lives. Media attention in the aftermath is focused on the dozen victims rather than the killer.Continue reading “There is no shame in being a victim”

Boston Strangler case takes a new twist: DNA

The 50 year-old Boston Strangler case took on a new, dare I say, twist this week when DNA from alleged strangler Albert¬†DeSalvo’s nephew matched that of Mary Sullivan, the last of his victims.¬†During the early 1960s eleven women were strangled, many of them were also sexually assaulted. The perpetrator came to be known as theContinue reading “Boston Strangler case takes a new twist: DNA”