Bruins, Leafs and Scorpions

It’s NHL playoff time. Much like The Masters and the Kentucky Derby the playoffs are a true sports-themed harbinger of spring. The weather is getting more pleasant, the snow has just about all melted under the warm sun. Bars and restaurants open their terraces and make sure that there are adequate big-screen televisions to accommodateContinue reading “Bruins, Leafs and Scorpions”

Boston’s Never-ending Festival of Snow

If I turn on my TV and there are not a bunch of CNN reporters up to their arses in Boston snow I figure something is wrong. Boston is one of my favorite places, but what ever have you done to deserve this incredibly snowy fate? If I turn on my TV and there areContinue reading “Boston’s Never-ending Festival of Snow”

The Montreal Canadiens: Canada’s Team!

The Montreal Canadiens, the only Canadian team to make the NHL playoffs, have advanced to the third round by defeating their longtime rivals the Boston Bruins. No doubt hockey fans across the nation will be rooting for the Habs and wishing them well as they continue in their endeavor to bring the Stanley Cup backContinue reading “The Montreal Canadiens: Canada’s Team!”

The Boston Hockey Fan’s Montreal Map:Irish Pubs, Strip Bars and a Basilica

None of the Canadiens had played at (12:30) since Pee-Wee, and those games comprise three 15-minute periods. No wonder the Habs stopped playing after 45 minutes! Welcome to Montreal Boston hockey fans! So the 34th Bruins/Habs playoff series is all tied up at one game apiece after that sneaky 12:30 start for game two. NoneContinue reading “The Boston Hockey Fan’s Montreal Map:Irish Pubs, Strip Bars and a Basilica”

Chris Hadfield or Toronto Maple Leafs

It all ended yesterday. A glorious five month long excursion among the stars came to an end with a return to earth and reality. For those with an interest in such things it was wonderful while it lasted, often uniting a country that watched breathlessly via TV, computers and even Twitter. … this was somethingContinue reading “Chris Hadfield or Toronto Maple Leafs”