Bob Dylan and the US Election

Ah, like a breath of fresh air a little sanity crept into the news last week with word from Oslo that Bob Dylan had been awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. In a world gone mad, a man who did, and does, what he can to at least slow the process of encroaching insanity wasContinue reading “Bob Dylan and the US Election”

Miley Cyrus sparks movement: Twerkers of the World Unite

Now that I’ve seen the infamous Miley Cyrus twerking performance at the MTV Awards show about 75 times on everything from CNN to local newscasts two things become apparent to me. The first is that Ms. Cyrus achieved what was no doubt her goal of mega media attention, the second is that this twerking certainlyContinue reading “Miley Cyrus sparks movement: Twerkers of the World Unite”

Construction cranes, trains and yogurt makers

It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry – Bob Dylan It takes a crane to make a crane – DCMontreal Maybe it’s the little boy in me, or maybe my fear of heights, but construction cranes have always fascinated me. Perhaps the most interesting aspect is the assembling of aContinue reading “Construction cranes, trains and yogurt makers”