Blackberry 10: a RIM Shot, hope it doesn’t turn out to be a joke

Rimshot: the sound produced by hitting the rim and the head of a drum simultaneously, with a drum stick. Often used to accentuate the punchline in a joke. Give it a try. Rim Shot: a last chance try by RIM, the makers of Blackberry, to restore consumer confidence in their product. The newest smartphone on the block, the Blackberry 10, is now availableContinue reading “Blackberry 10: a RIM Shot, hope it doesn’t turn out to be a joke”

Blackberry Torch is smart all right…

My Blackberry Torch 9800 isn’t really a “smart” phone; devious would be a better term. How else can you describe a phone that has a very sensitive “mute” button located perfectly to ensure it is activated accidently (it must be smart, however, because it seems to do this only during the most important calls). IContinue reading “Blackberry Torch is smart all right…”