My newspaper needs a Mohel; Bring back front page news and keep ads inside

Front page news should be just that, on the front page! I sometimes think of these wrap-around ads as a foreskin, and I imagine many people are treating it as such by ripping it off and throwing it away. My local daily newspaper, Montreal’s The Gazette, was founded in 1778 and has, over the years,Continue reading “My newspaper needs a Mohel; Bring back front page news and keep ads inside”

Historical Black Friday Tweets

Here are some Tweets that may have been sent if Twitter existed way back when … John Alden was the Cooper on the Mayflower. Not surprising where he wants to head on Black Friday … Of course Moses would have been keen on getting his hands on the latest electronics devices … Although he’s stillContinue reading “Historical Black Friday Tweets”

Happy Thanksgiving! Target Canada, Zellers and shoelaces

So Target, your store looks great, and your staff is wonderful, but here in Canada we assume basics such as shoelaces will be on offer – with no strings attached! While my neighbors to the south celebrate US Thanksgiving with family and friends, the media would have us believe the real name for today shouldContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving! Target Canada, Zellers and shoelaces”

Cyber Monday deals and the mouse is king

Now this is more civilized isn’t it? Cyber Monday as opposed to Black Friday. On Friday it was all about physical stress, waiting in line overnight or almost, getting your elbows up as the doors open and you make a dash for your items. Some people have it down to an art; they bring anContinue reading “Cyber Monday deals and the mouse is king”

Black Friday and 300th blog post – two reasons to celebrate

Please see news release below regarding 300th blog post and celebratory retail sales: (Montreal – November 23, 2012) Today I am pleased to present this,  my 300th blog post. There have been some funny posts and some sad ones, short ones and long ones. Thanks for all your “likes”, I hope to continue to meritContinue reading “Black Friday and 300th blog post – two reasons to celebrate”