Two-Wheeled Rentals in Montreal

Montreal has just introduced a ‘pilot project’ that allows people to rent E-Scooters from various points around the city. Ideally these little LIME two-wheelers will be dropped-off at another designated point. Interestingly non-LIME E-Scooters are illegal and uses are liable to be ticketed.  The competition for hop-on-hop-off transport is getting heavy in Montreal. Until youContinue reading “Two-Wheeled Rentals in Montreal”

Montreal’s Bixi bicycle network adds needed docking stations

To paraphrase the old saying, often attributed to Ogden Nash although many insist the author is unknown, Spring has sprung, the grass has riz, now I know where my bicycle is! With the snow melting away for another year things start to pop up. Not just daffodils and the odd crocus, but entire bicycle stands.Continue reading “Montreal’s Bixi bicycle network adds needed docking stations”

Montreal doubles available parking; but adds no new spots

With the number of  available parking spots already at a minimum, and many more to be lost with the installation of Bixi bike docking stations  for the summer months, the city of Montreal has launched a pilot project that would see more cars parked in the current spaces. With the simple creation of what engineers call aContinue reading “Montreal doubles available parking; but adds no new spots”

Annoying problem with Bixi

The Bixi bike rental service has taken off not only in Montreal, but in many cities worldwide. For the most part I believe reviews are pretty good – except for one thing – redistribution issues. In the morning Bixis are taken from various locations as people make their way to work, school or appointments inContinue reading “Annoying problem with Bixi”