High Heat Warning, Visiting Cicadas and Bernie Sanders

Perhaps known more for our extreme cold, Montreal is currently in the grips of a heat wave. The warning below issued by Environment Canada gives you some indication. Remember those figures are in Celsius; Humidex values between 35° – 40° translates to 95°F and 104°F. I have heard a rumour that the heat and humidityContinue reading “High Heat Warning, Visiting Cicadas and Bernie Sanders”

Net Neutrality, Search Neutrality and Payola

I’m sure you’ve heard about it; Net Neutrality has become a very popular phrase lately. No, it doesn’t refer to your amount of neutrality after taxes (then we’d need a Gross Neutrality as well). In a nutshell it describes an Internet where all data is deemed equal – or neutral. Whether being pumped out byContinue reading “Net Neutrality, Search Neutrality and Payola”