Referendums: What Can Québec Learn From Scotland?

With the September 18th voting day fast approaching, the BBC recently published a piece on what Scotland can learn from Québec’s experience with referendums on sovereignty. I would like to put the shoe on the other foot and look at what Québec can learn from the Scots. To paraphrase John F. Kennedy: Ask not whatContinue reading “Referendums: What Can Québec Learn From Scotland?”

Sports Oddities: World Cup Solo Announcers, Wimbledon Pronunciation

Here in Canada the World Cup is being broadcast on the national network, CBC. During this first round fans are treated to three live matches every day starting at noon, followed by one at three o’clock and another at six o’clock. The day ends with a rebroadcast of one of the games at eight o’clock.Continue reading “Sports Oddities: World Cup Solo Announcers, Wimbledon Pronunciation”

Montreal company brings back music on cassettes

Music lovers have a soft spot for vinyl recordings. No doubt CDs and MP3s have made their mark in a big way, but the good old record still has a following. Now a company in Montreal, Analogue Media Technologies, is going one step further and bringing back the cassette. While business is booming, there is just oneContinue reading “Montreal company brings back music on cassettes”

Canadian killers and dismembered victims

I think we Canadians have a reputation as fairly peaceful people who play hockey and tend to apologize too much – in fact the most visible part of our Parliament Building is called the Peace Tower. But recently we’ve been in the news for a bunch of strange but non-related murders that involve  the victimsContinue reading “Canadian killers and dismembered victims”

London Olympic information

With only 18 days to go until the opening of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London I thought I’d have a look for the best website to give one an overview of the games as well as offer in-depth information on various sports. Not surprisingly, after checking out a number of good sites, the BBCContinue reading “London Olympic information”

Toughest U.S. Sheriff being sued by Justice department

Sheriff Joe Arpaio sued by justice department – from BBC In one case cited by the lawsuit, a sheriff’s officer stopped a Latino woman – a US citizen who was five months pregnant – as she pulled into her driveway and insisted she sit on the hood of her car. “When she refused, the officerContinue reading “Toughest U.S. Sheriff being sued by Justice department”