The Popularity of Soccer In My Neighbourhood

At one time the suggestion that soccer would usurp softball as the sport of choice for boys and girls during the summer would have been met with derisive chuckles. Yet there it is. With the FIFA World Cup in Brazil wrapping up this weekend much has have been written and said about the state ofContinue reading “The Popularity of Soccer In My Neighbourhood”

Names; appropriate and otherwise – ode to Ronald Lee Homer Jr.

I’ve always been interested in how some names are so very appropriate. For instance here in Montreal from time to time a news story arises about birds and the media, in search of an expert opinion, go to a local ornithologist, who just happens to be Dr. David Bird of McGill University. Didn’t it cross anyoneContinue reading “Names; appropriate and otherwise – ode to Ronald Lee Homer Jr.”

Ryan Dempster sends a message on behalf of baseball fans

A week and a half ago New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez was given a 211 game suspension by Major League Baseball for drug related offences (Rodriguez is playing while he appeals the suspension). On Sunday night Boston Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster threw a pitch at and hit Rodriguez. He had missed him with hisContinue reading “Ryan Dempster sends a message on behalf of baseball fans”