Not That I’m A Lush … Really

Not that I’m a lush, but I’d be a liar if I tried to deny that I like bars. Not just the establishments known as bars, pubs, bistros, or watering holes, but the actual physical bar itself. I find it very relaxing to sit on a comfortable barstool – with back if you please –Continue reading “Not That I’m A Lush … Really”

Closed Bars Having An Adverse Effect On My Health

I used to be a runner. Every weekday morning, before work, for about twenty years I could be found jogging around my neighbourhood. I was fanatical about doing it. Not about going longer or faster, but doing it without fail – in all kinds of weather. They’d say things like “If I don’t see youContinue reading “Closed Bars Having An Adverse Effect On My Health”

COVID-19: Close Schools And Open Bars

Today is the day. At some point, probably this afternoon, the Government of Quebec will reveal what will be happening this Thursday. That will be October 29th; it will also mark the end of the 28-day increased confinement in the province’s Red Zones, including Montreal. As the school year began, albeit under severe conditions, andContinue reading “COVID-19: Close Schools And Open Bars”

Final Nail In Pub’s Coffin

Anyone who knows me or reads this blog will be familiar with my more than passing love of bars and pubs. From my late teens (okay, perhaps my mid-teens) I have felt at home in these once smoky establishments. As a younger man my preference was night-time forays to Montreal’s many drinking places. But withContinue reading “Final Nail In Pub’s Coffin”

To All The Bars I’ve Loved Before

In Montreal they have forced bars, pubs, and restaurants to close as we deal with wave two of COVID-19. Please don’t pass judgement, but this has left me with significant free time on my hands (better than my liver, I guess). So idle hands being what they are, and with sincere apologies to Willie NelsonContinue reading “To All The Bars I’ve Loved Before”

Should Montrealers Boycott Restaurants Acting Like Bars?

On Monday, June 22, after months of inactivity due to COVID-19, many Montreal restaurants will be reopening. Of course, they will do so under strict conditions regarding social distancing. But some customers are better than no customers. If you do not have a kitchen, and therefore only have a permit to sell alcohol, you areContinue reading “Should Montrealers Boycott Restaurants Acting Like Bars?”

COVID-19 And Drinking In Public

As the weather turns more summery, and people who have been in some form of COVID-19 isolation are chomping at the bit to get outside, public parks are filling rapidly. They provide ample space for proper social distancing while still allowing for small groups of family and friends to meet. Before COVID-19 people sitting inContinue reading “COVID-19 And Drinking In Public”

COVID-19: Herding Cats and Drunken Bro-Hugs

There are many idioms that refer to undertaking a difficult if not impossible task. One hears that something was like herding cats or nailing Jell-O to the wall. Or occasionally pushing water uphill with a rake. Just imagining how hopeless any of these chores would be may give one an idea of how difficult applyingContinue reading “COVID-19: Herding Cats and Drunken Bro-Hugs”

Is It Safe To Come Out Now?

Is it safe now? Can I come out from under the bed and get back to doing my usual things? Can I stop playing invisible?Is the mayhem that is St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Montreal finally over? It’s been a few days, but I want to be certain. There are two days a year thatContinue reading “Is It Safe To Come Out Now?”

Montreal Bars of the Eighties

During the late seventies and early eighties the Montreal Canadiens were still winning Stanley Cups, the Expos had some great teams, the preferred style was preppy, featuring button down shirts or polos with khakis, and the night air, and bar restrooms, was thick with the pungent aroma of Ralph Lauren’s Polo. One of the mostContinue reading “Montreal Bars of the Eighties”