Montreal’s Glorious Late Summer

  Summer took its time arriving in Montreal this year but has evidently decided to make up for that by staying late. Again this week, the last of the official summer season, temperatures are expected to rise to the 28º Celsius point (82º Fahrenheit) with the humidity making it feel more like 35º (95ºF). TheContinue reading “Montreal’s Glorious Late Summer”

It’s Conkers season, grab a chestnut and start swinging

While walking through a local park yesterday and trying to avoid the mashed crab apples that are strewn on the pathways and cause havoc with both my shoes and my carpets, I noticed I had moved from a crab apple tree area to a chestnut tree zone as evidenced by the appearance of a grandContinue reading “It’s Conkers season, grab a chestnut and start swinging”