UPDATED: Montreal’s free parking not so free when using the app

UPDATE: I believe in the concept of credit where credit is due, so I am posting this update. In response to my post last week, the parking authorities have contacted me to ‘own their error’, apologize for it and assure me that all who paid will be reimbursed. Just when you thought customer service wasContinue reading “UPDATED: Montreal’s free parking not so free when using the app”

New App Does All Your Thinking

What a long way we’ve come technologically. There are now cars that park themselves, banks that accept checks for deposit online right from the comfort of your home, good old spell-check that, granted, can be more annoying than helpful at times, and even 3D printers that print out things – actual things. But I’m stillContinue reading “New App Does All Your Thinking”

Hot Enough For Ya? Try The Fan-Tastic® App

During the summer, there are those times when a good old fan is called for.  Air conditioning does the majority of the cooling, but sometimes you need a simple, convenient hand fan. Whether in church, or a private home, when the temperature rises, and you need to cool off fast, reach for your smart phoneContinue reading “Hot Enough For Ya? Try The Fan-Tastic® App”