Fobbed Off: Remembering Car Keys

We changed cars a week or so ago. After two Hyundai vehicles we changed manufacturer but not country by getting another Korean car, a Kia Soul. So far we are very pleased. I am especially pleased with the new key fob. The two Hyundai cars were fine, we only changed to Kia because we likedContinue reading “Fobbed Off: Remembering Car Keys”

It’s Open Car Window Season in Montreal

It is often said that Montreal has just two seasons: June, July, August and winter. I can’t deny that there may well be some truth to this. However unlike NBC’s Bryant Gumbel who, while here for an Expos game – Blue Monday, don’t get me going – in October of 1981, seemed to believe elbowContinue reading “It’s Open Car Window Season in Montreal”