The Economy is controlled by 1%, But 0.06% Control Peanuts

Touching wood I’m pleased to say I have no allergies. I touch wood because I understand they can develop later in life. When my brothers and I were young and mentioned that so-and-so had an allergy our mother would tell us we couldn’t afford to have allergies. I must admit that in retrospect it didContinue reading “The Economy is controlled by 1%, But 0.06% Control Peanuts”

EpiPen® Commercial Needs to Add a Step

With so many kids being allergic to peanuts,  EpiPen® television commercials are popping up all over the place. A child narrates the spots explaining that to use an EpiPen®, should someone have an allergic reaction, you follow two simple steps: Blue to the sky, orange to the thigh. Hopefully, you will never be in a positionContinue reading “EpiPen® Commercial Needs to Add a Step”