Hijacking Google Mini

A couple of years ago my nephew gave us a Google Nest Mini. It’s one of those electronic assistants that can do a whole bunch of things when programmed to do so, or asked. Yes indeed this little muggins can be told to do pre-programmed things when asked. It’s a small enough device that, asContinue reading “Hijacking Google Mini”

In Business Since …

As a ten-year-old in 1969, I can recall the famed Canadian department store Eaton’s – the T. Eaton Company – marking its 100th anniversary. In those days much of the department store business was carried out over the phone, with the product being delivered in a day or two. As part of the celebrations, Eaton’sContinue reading “In Business Since …”

Rolling Rock©: The Official Beer of Easter Morning

Happy Easter!     DCMontreal – Deegan Charles Stubbs – is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit of this and a bit of that, a dash of Yin and a soupçon of Yang, some Peaks and an occasional Frean and maybe a bit of a stingContinue reading “Rolling Rock©: The Official Beer of Easter Morning”

The Arrogance of “Because I can”

The concept of entitlement is often attributed to millennials, those folks born around the turn of the millennium. Of course, they did not create the idea, it existed long before they did. I recall that when I was in my teens there was a man who lived on our street. He had a dog. InContinue reading “The Arrogance of “Because I can””

Chevy Should Stick With Actors Instead of ‘Real People’

If you read this blog with any regularity you know I like to analyse advertisements. Today’s instalment focuses on the Chevrolet Silverado TV that features several men being introduced to the latest model. As the ad begins we learn from reading the small print at the bottom of the screen that these are ‘real people,Continue reading “Chevy Should Stick With Actors Instead of ‘Real People’”

Humira Ad, Warranties and CYA

There is an ad for the arthritis medication Humira that runs on CNN very often. In the spot a group of volunteers – indicated by their yellow T-shirts – have gathered in a schoolyard to assemble some playground equipment. It is a warm, fuzzy kind of ad, the main character seems to be a pleasantContinue reading “Humira Ad, Warranties and CYA”

Make America Clean Again

The folks at Procter & Gamble have announced a new look for Mr. Clean. The new iconic brand character will be African American. After 59 years the time has come to give the original a break. I have to admit that the way things have been going in the United States recently, when I first heardContinue reading “Make America Clean Again”

Is Norfolk Southern Ad Racist?

If you read this blog with any regularity you will be familiar with my advertising hobbyhorse that I like to take out of the stable and ride from time to time. My gripe today is with the Norfolk Southern railway ad that plays on many main and cable networks. I am as pasty white complectedContinue reading “Is Norfolk Southern Ad Racist?”

Is Volkswagen Ad With Willie Nelson Driving a Good Idea?

I seem to be riding an advertising hobby-horse lately, must be watching too much television. My gripe today is with a Volkswagen Passat ad that has been getting a lot of play recently. Is it such a good idea to show an automobile being driven by an octogenarian who is a strong proponent of theContinue reading “Is Volkswagen Ad With Willie Nelson Driving a Good Idea?”

Scotiabank: You Cannot Be Both New and Improved!

In a current television ad for Canadian bank Scotiabank there are two very irksome aspects. Yet again I find myself pointing out that it is impossible to be both new and improved. The kind lady in the ad manages to move a few things around and save the young lad $1500 so he can takeContinue reading “Scotiabank: You Cannot Be Both New and Improved!”