So, must we start every sentence with so?

I’m a bit of a newshound. I like to have an ear to the ground as it were. Working from home I have the radio on in the background and the TV, with the audio muted, showing CNN, BBC, or Sky News. As I listen to audio reports on a wide range of topics, fromContinue reading “So, must we start every sentence with so?”

Smith vs Rock was no Mailer vs Vidal

During the 1960s and 70s, authors Gore Vidal and Norman Mailer were fierce rivals and often combatants. They just didn’t like each other. In one famous incident during a crowded party, Vidal was talking with a group of people and was accosted by Mailer who threw his drink in Vidal’s face, punched him, then head-buttedContinue reading “Smith vs Rock was no Mailer vs Vidal”

George Carlin had his list of words – now the CBC has theirs

In 1972, the late great George Carlin introduced his list of the Seven Words You Can’t Say On TV. Clearly, George was talking about a time before cable and specialty stations because many of the seven words are heard often now. I’ll not list the words but will suggest you have a look at thisContinue reading “George Carlin had his list of words – now the CBC has theirs”

Small World; Small Bookshop

To say I am a creature of habit would, at least when it comes to places of residence, be an understatement. My wife and I moved into our current apartment almost 18-years ago. Prior to that I had lived in another unit in this building for 18-years. To further illustrate my home-body trait, the buildingContinue reading “Small World; Small Bookshop”

My Motown Experience

The recent death of homicidal maniac/musical genius Phil Spector reminded me of my own Motown experience. It’s difficult to reconcile those two descriptors of Spector, but he clearly showed traits of both throughout his life. My experience had nothing whatsoever to do with music. I couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket as the oldContinue reading “My Motown Experience”

Irritable Vowel Syndrome

A as in annoyed. Here in Canada there are areas where people tend to use it as a little tag question at the end of a sentence as in “Great day, eh”. Therein lies the problem; all those references that are made to the Canadian “eh” and it isn’t even spelled “a”. Should be “GreatContinue reading “Irritable Vowel Syndrome”

Justify My Text

WordPress has introduced yet another version of the Block Editor. I have not been a fan of the concept from the beginning, but I thought I’d see it through and continue with the new version rather than seek shortcuts to get back to my comfort zone. But I like the look of the two neatContinue reading “Justify My Text”

Gutenberg Editor Omits Post Title

When the new Gutenberg Editor was introduced to I was not a big fan. But I persevered and manage to figure things out with a few work-arounds.   I found the blocks to be a real pain in the ass, and more so the fact that without inserting a snip of code, it is notContinue reading “Gutenberg Editor Omits Post Title”

Major Glitch With Gutenberg Editor

I little while back I sat down to write a blog post and was faced with the chance to switch to the new editor. Thinking erroneously that I could take it for a test drive then switch back if I wanted, I went ahead and agreed to give it a try. At first IContinue reading “Major Glitch With Gutenberg Editor”