Roosters Need Snooze Buttons

When your rooster crows at the break of dawnLook out your window and I’ll be goneYou’re the reason I’m a-travelin’ on But don’t think twice, it’s all right -BOB DYLAN, Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right While in Costa Rica recently we stayed in a semi-rural area called San Josecito de San Isidro de Heredia.Continue reading “Roosters Need Snooze Buttons”

Airlines’ Preferred Seating Scam

  I am not an experienced traveler. For various circumstances, I did very little traveling for many years. Things have now changed and my wife and I are venturing out into the broader world. We have just returned from a week in Ireland; my wife’s 60th birthday present to me. Over the next little while,Continue reading “Airlines’ Preferred Seating Scam”

France Gives Workers Right To Disconnect; But Will They Be Able To?

As of January 1st, workers in France have the “right to disconnect”. This means they can ignore after hours emails According to the BBC, “companies with more than 50 workers will be obliged to draw up a charter of good conduct, setting out the hours when staff are not supposed to send or answer emails”.Continue reading “France Gives Workers Right To Disconnect; But Will They Be Able To?”

Hey Office Depot, Chillax! It’s Only July

This morning while sipping my coffee and watching CNN’s coverage of the Republican National Convention I was moved for perhaps the first time in my life to make a political statement.  It has nothing to do with the GOP, nor Donald or Melania Trump, not even a potential wall along Mexico’s border with the USA.Continue reading “Hey Office Depot, Chillax! It’s Only July”

Boston’s Tobin Bridge: Untolled Thousands Owed by Motorists

During our recent jaunt to Boston we crossed the Tobin Memorial Bridge. The last time we did so, a few years ago, there were real people taking real cash at a real toll booth. But no more. The bridge is still a toll road, but no more toll booths. Instead regular users obtain an EZPassContinue reading “Boston’s Tobin Bridge: Untolled Thousands Owed by Motorists”

Avoid Big Travel Sites if You’re Looking For a Motel, Not a Hotel

As I wrote earlier we went on a little vacation recently. We found lovely accommodation and, weather aside, had a great time. Being a big proponent of the vast resources of the Internet, I tried to track down information online regarding a suitable motel. That’s mmmmMotel, not hotel. M not H. Not a great experience.Continue reading “Avoid Big Travel Sites if You’re Looking For a Motel, Not a Hotel”

Boston: Closed on Sundays?

My significantly better half and I have just returned from a lovely mini vacation on the eastern coast of the USA. Other years we have stayed in Maine, but this year we went a little further south and found a great place in North Hampton, New Hampshire. More about that in a subsequent post. OneContinue reading “Boston: Closed on Sundays?”

Montreal: Sunday at St. Joseph’s Oratory

I decided to play tourist in my own city yesterday so I went to Mass at St. Joseph’s Oratory. The Oratory is always a memorable experience, but yesterday, on the heels of our first heat wave of the summer, with thousands of pilgrims and tourists from all over the world packed in, I think theContinue reading “Montreal: Sunday at St. Joseph’s Oratory”

Montreal’s First Heat Wave Arrives

From a few months ago, here’s my heat wave potion! Montrealers are gearing-up for the first serious heat wave of the summer. Over the next few days temperatures will hit the upper thirties Celsius and the humidity will kick-in to make it feel like 40°C or about 105°F.  Cicadas will be singing, swimming pools willContinue reading “Montreal’s First Heat Wave Arrives”

Five Ways To Condense Montreal’s Summer Events

As I write this we are still in the midst of a very ugly provincial election campaign that has seen more mud slung than a Spring Break Wet T-shirt/Mud Wrestling contest. In years when the Winter Olympics are held, the NHL suspends league play for the two-week period of the games to allow players fromContinue reading “Five Ways To Condense Montreal’s Summer Events”