Interview With a Montreal Pit Bull

Support for Montreal’s proposed ban on pit bulls has dropped significantly since it was first introduced. In the immediate aftermath of the deadly attack on a woman by a dog last June support was strong. Perhaps a bit of a knee-jerk reaction to the sad and tragic incident, without waiting to see how things pannedContinue reading “Interview With a Montreal Pit Bull”

Bob Dylan and the US Election

Ah, like a breath of fresh air a little sanity crept into the news last week with word from Oslo that Bob Dylan had been awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. In a world gone mad, a man who did, and does, what he can to at least slow the process of encroaching insanity wasContinue reading “Bob Dylan and the US Election”

Trump: Uncharted Not Unchartered

As I write this the 24-hour news channels are in raptures over the latest Donald Trump gaffe. Wall-to-wall coverage of his gutter-mouth chat with someone called Billy Bush in 2005 has kept the news mills grinding overtime, unearthing numerous other examples of Trump’s misogynist tendencies as illustrated on the Howard Stern radio show. The wayContinue reading “Trump: Uncharted Not Unchartered”

Intensity of Candidate Vetting Will Only Increase

Donald Trump is dragging his feet when it comes to making public his tax returns. A document  leaked to the New York Times indicates he may not have paid any tax for decades after claiming almost a billion dollar loss which he was able to use to his benefit for some twenty years. All perfectlyContinue reading “Intensity of Candidate Vetting Will Only Increase”

My Guilty Pleasure: A Trump Presidency

I have a confession. With the first presidential candidate debate in the books, and Donald Trump acting odder and odder, I have found myself indulging in a bit of a guilty pleasure.  With the prospect of a Trump presidency looking very iffy at best, and Hillary Clinton starting to look presidential, I have come toContinue reading “My Guilty Pleasure: A Trump Presidency”

Candidate Surrogates: No Finesse Needed

One of the more annoying features of the 2016 US presidential campaign, and there are many annoying features, is the outright refusal of candidate ‘surrogates’ to answer questions. Gone are the days when a spokesperson would shrewdly turn a difficult question about their candidate into a statement about the other guy. Now the strategy isContinue reading “Candidate Surrogates: No Finesse Needed”

Dumbing Down in Advertising and Politics

I like to observe and analyze advertising. Currently there is an ad running on TV for a website called The site provides a listing of various contractors and, I assume, comments from those who have used their services. In the ad a couple is sitting on a front porch discussing how they used theContinue reading “Dumbing Down in Advertising and Politics”

Trump and Truthers

The 2016 US election campaign is getting odder by the minute. Issues and concerns, policies and plans, positions and stances have all been abandoned and replaced by pandering to the lowest common denominator.  Clinton vs Trump has degenerated into a slagging match the likes of which has never been seen before at this level. “IContinue reading “Trump and Truthers”

Presidential Appearance: Trump Lowers the Bar

Last week Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump met with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. After the meeting the two men addressed the assembled media. The immediate reaction on both sides of the border was that Peña Nieto had missed an opportunity to publicly challenge Trump on his promise to build a wall along the borderContinue reading “Presidential Appearance: Trump Lowers the Bar”

Good Business Does Not Equal Good Government

With Donald Trump now the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential candidate the time has come to take a look at the big picture. One of Trump’s main selling points is his skill as a businessman. He  has amassed a fortune in business, but does that make him, or anyone with a similar background for that matter,Continue reading “Good Business Does Not Equal Good Government”