Presidential Decorum a Relic of the Past

I have a friend who is American but currently resides here in Montreal. He has often commented to me about how knowledgeable he finds many Canadians are regarding the United States. I have pointed out that for Canadians, living so close to the USA, it is almost impossible not to become more than familiar withContinue reading “Presidential Decorum a Relic of the Past”

Trump Losing Grip, Soon The Funnel Be Over

Since the bombshell dropped last week, no, not the weather bomb that pounded the northeast with snow and frigid temperatures, but the publication of Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury, many have been questioning President Trump‘s mental state. Is he capable of carrying out the duties of the office? No this is full-fledged ego-fed looney-tunes,Continue reading “Trump Losing Grip, Soon The Funnel Be Over”

Take Back The U.S.A.

A snippet of observation from the safety of my armchair sociologist’s lair. It is not news that in the last US election Hillary Clinton garnered 48.2% of the popular vote to Donald Trump’s 46.1%. A not insignificant difference of 2.1%. However the Electoral College system gave the election to Trump based on the distribution ofContinue reading “Take Back The U.S.A.”

Kellyanne Conway’s CNN Caper

This morning I watched Counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway ramble on for over an hour on CNN. They should have changed the name to Conway Nonsense Network for the segment. It was not an interview, although Chris Cuomo did address numerous questions to  Conway, more of an exercise in avoidance and obfuscation on herContinue reading “Kellyanne Conway’s CNN Caper”

Mainstream Media and Russian Hacking

One often hears the term ‘mainstream media’ these days. It is often used derogatorily by President Trump to indicate those news channels and publications that do not support him. It is not the job of any media outlet to support any president; rather the constant questioning is a necessary means of checks and balances. WithoutContinue reading “Mainstream Media and Russian Hacking”

Living on the Cusp of Breaking News

Cusp :  point, apex: such as :  a point of transition (as from one historical period to the next) :  turning point; also :  edge, verge on the cusp of stardom As I sit here north of the United States I am struck on a daily basis by the political goings-on of my neighbour. TheContinue reading “Living on the Cusp of Breaking News”

Tom Brady’s Missing Super Bowl Jersey Located

Are you aware  that the mystery of Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl jersey has been solved? When asked, President Trump said he was certain Tom would want him to have it. Seems he got it by issuing an Executive Order. DCMontreal – Deegan Charles Stubbs – is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establishContinue reading “Tom Brady’s Missing Super Bowl Jersey Located”

White House Press Secretary Not Striking a Balance

I think it fair to say that the job of White House Press Secretary is a tough one. Dealing on a daily basis with hordes of reporters from around the world, all of whom need answers to their questions, requires a special kind of skill. To be a good press secretary you have to knowContinue reading “White House Press Secretary Not Striking a Balance”

Quebec City Shooting: Spurred By Trump’s Anti-Muslim Rhetoric?

Two armed masked men armed stormed into a mosque on Sunday evening just as prayers were ending. They opened fire killing six men and injuring 19 others, five of whom remain in hospital in critical condition.   A nasty divisive debate has gripped the US regarding the nature of the bans. Are they religion-specific?  IsContinue reading “Quebec City Shooting: Spurred By Trump’s Anti-Muslim Rhetoric?”

#TBT Good Business Does Not Equal Good Government

With Donald Trump now the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential candidate the time has come to take a look at the big picture. One of Trump’s main selling points is his skill as a businessman. He  has amassed a fortune in business, but does that make him, or anyone with a similar background for that matter,Continue reading “#TBT Good Business Does Not Equal Good Government”