Diamond Jubilee piss-off…Prince Philip has bladder infection

Too bad Prince Philip has taken ill and will miss the last couple of days of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee festivities. Seems he may have spent too much time watching all those boats going by and not enough time in the Little Prince’s Room (no, that has nothing to do with Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry) andContinue reading “Diamond Jubilee piss-off…Prince Philip has bladder infection”

Latin America and Syria

Andres Oppenheimer illustrates the lack of reaction from many Latin American countries to the Syrian atrocities in his column today. Last week, the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and at least five other major nations expelled their Syrian ambassadors following the slaughter in Houla, which United Nations observers say was carried out to aContinue reading “Latin America and Syria”

No, the army has not been called in….

Rumours abound about the army being called kin to quell the nightly student destruction! So far they have all been easily dispelled, including one film set! The appearance of the army on streets in most North American cities, other than providing disaster relief as was the case in the Ice Storm of 1998 is aContinue reading “No, the army has not been called in….”

English triumphs over other languages

Language is always a hot topic here in Quebec and I think Gwynne Dyer’s latest piece on the triumph of the English language will annoy some people, prove other people right or just fall on deaf ears. An interesting fact is that the Politecnico di Milano, announced that from 2014 all of its courses wouldContinue reading “English triumphs over other languages”

Toughest U.S. Sheriff being sued by Justice department

Sheriff Joe Arpaio sued by justice department – from BBC In one case cited by the lawsuit, a sheriff’s officer stopped a Latino woman – a US citizen who was five months pregnant – as she pulled into her driveway and insisted she sit on the hood of her car. “When she refused, the officerContinue reading “Toughest U.S. Sheriff being sued by Justice department”

Peruvian Survivors of Accident Want Residence in Canada

Article from the Latin American Herald Tribune Two of the three survivors of a tragic Feb. 6 traffic accident in which 10 Latin American workers perished on Wednesday emotionally expressed their thanks for the support they have received over the past three months and said they wanted to continue to live in Canada. Related articlesContinue reading “Peruvian Survivors of Accident Want Residence in Canada”