My Great-Grandfather’s World War One Lie

Originally posted on Eclectic social commentary with a chuckle and maybe a sting in the tail:
My great-grandfather, Ernest Henry Blackwell, was born in Sussex, England. As a young boy his family emigrated to Canada where he would spend the rest of his days. He met and married my great-grandmother, Annie Ellis, whose family had…

On the Anniversary of 9/11 a Letter of Appreciation to Canadians

On the anniversary of the attacks on the U.S., a letter of appreciation from one American in the Montreal Gazette. Fourteen years ago, when U.S. airspace was spontaneously closed to arriving flights in the aftermath of the terror attacks, inbound aircraft were diverted. From the Atlantic Provinces to Ontario and Quebec, landing rights were grantedContinue reading “On the Anniversary of 9/11 a Letter of Appreciation to Canadians”

Jorge Ramos’ Colleagues Owe Him An Apology

As Lewis Carroll may have put it, the Donald J. Trump phenomenon gets curiouser and curiouser. At one time the media were all over Trump for comments he made regarding FOX News’ Megyn Kelly. The journalistic wagons were circled, competitors stood up for Kelly. Trump was the bad guy. The journalistic wagons were circled, competitorsContinue reading “Jorge Ramos’ Colleagues Owe Him An Apology”

Boston’s Tobin Bridge: Untolled Thousands Owed by Motorists

During our recent jaunt to Boston we crossed the Tobin Memorial Bridge. The last time we did so, a few years ago, there were real people taking real cash at a real toll booth. But no more. The bridge is still a toll road, but no more toll booths. Instead regular users obtain an EZPassContinue reading “Boston’s Tobin Bridge: Untolled Thousands Owed by Motorists”

High Heat Warning, Visiting Cicadas and Bernie Sanders

Perhaps known more for our extreme cold, Montreal is currently in the grips of a heat wave. The warning below issued by Environment Canada gives you some indication. Remember those figures are in Celsius; Humidex values between 35° – 40° translates to 95°F and 104°F. I have heard a rumour that the heat and humidityContinue reading “High Heat Warning, Visiting Cicadas and Bernie Sanders”

Childhood Friend: Down, But Not Out

I see him from time to time. Maybe every couple of weeks during the summer; much less so in the rotten weather. At times he’s sitting outside the Metro, asking for change. At others he’s sound asleep on a bench, not unlike the fellow pictured above, down on the subway platform itself, oblivious to theContinue reading “Childhood Friend: Down, But Not Out”