Electric razor vs. blade: or both?

A little something light for Friday. I thought that I’d give an electric razor a shot – even suggested it might make a nice Christmas gift for the man who has everything, me. I started using the electric razor immediately and found that it was convenient and fast, it didn’t strip my skin of theContinue reading “Electric razor vs. blade: or both?”

War on drugs…

In his current article Andres Oppenheimer discusses the concept of the war on drugs and how it may change in the near future. This arising from the recent summit in Columbia. Unfortunately the Secret Service seemed to be doing research on another vice – prostitution!! (Will this issue make Obama a Vice President?) Related articlesContinue reading “War on drugs…”

IKEA Hotdogs

There are many great reasons to go to IKEA, including the new disposable cardboard camera, but first among them are the hot dogs.  Not only are they tasty and cheap, but you don’t have to put them together…no assembly required!!! Related articles IKEA’s electronics venture continues with a cardboard disposable digital camera (digitaltrends.com)

Bad week in the world of music

Thank God it’s Friday; been a lousy week in the world of music. First we lost Dick Clark – CBS obituary here), then Levon Helm (CNN here) and Greg Ham of Men at Work fame (Sydney Morning Herald here). While the first two gentlemen were legends in the music industry around the word, Greg HamContinue reading “Bad week in the world of music”

Blackberry Torch is smart all right…

My Blackberry Torch 9800 isn’t really a “smart” phone; devious would be a better term. How else can you describe a phone that has a very sensitive “mute” button located perfectly to ensure it is activated accidently (it must be smart, however, because it seems to do this only during the most important calls). IContinue reading “Blackberry Torch is smart all right…”