Radio Is Not Just TV Without The Picture

I am not a media analyst or critic, but I have always been a fan of radio. It seems to me to be a much more intimate means of communication than television. When someone appears on TV they are talking to hordes of people, but that voice on the radio is aimed directly at me.Continue reading “Radio Is Not Just TV Without The Picture”

Hijacking Google Mini

A couple of years ago my nephew gave us a Google Nest Mini. It’s one of those electronic assistants that can do a whole bunch of things when programmed to do so, or asked. Yes indeed this little muggins can be told to do pre-programmed things when asked. It’s a small enough device that, asContinue reading “Hijacking Google Mini”

Dear CBC: Time For Balconville

Dear CBC, While many areas of the country take the first tentative steps in reopening during the novel coronavirus 2019 pandemic, the ‘Stay at Home’ edict is still deemed to be the best way to stem the spread of the virus. People who would have traveled will be unable to do so. Those who preferContinue reading “Dear CBC: Time For Balconville”

COVID-19: Shaq and the NHL

I’m not much of a basketball fan. I played it as a kid but can’t say I follow the professionals. However, some athletes transcend their sport and Shaquille O’Neal is certainly one of those. “I think we should scrap the season. Everybody go home, get healthy, come back next year” In a recent interview, ShaqContinue reading “COVID-19: Shaq and the NHL”

WH Correspondents Dinner Needs a Rethink

Much is being said in the wake of Saturday night’s White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD). Once again this year President Trump refused to attend the event, instead opting to hold a campaign-style rally in Michigan during which he was free to take pot shots at the media, the left and anyone else. If you areContinue reading “WH Correspondents Dinner Needs a Rethink”

TLC Could Combine Many Programs Into One

Last night while watching television with my wife it occurred to me that TLC once a conveyor of intelligent educational fare is breaking ground in the industry. I believe that the network is slowly but ever so surely merging all of its prime-time programs into one. Eventually, viewers will sit down to watch one showContinue reading “TLC Could Combine Many Programs Into One”

Trump’s Potty Mouth Deters Media From Real Issue

The concept of debating or discussing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin has a very long history. It goes way back, but no matter how far into its past you delve it still means the same thing. It refers to people wasting time pondering a topic of no real valueContinue reading “Trump’s Potty Mouth Deters Media From Real Issue”

Poppy Harlow Has Patience of a Saint

Yesterday CNN’s Poppy Harlow had an interesting encounter with Roy Moore’s – spokeswoman Jane Porter. I use the word encounter instead of interview because Porter refused to actually be interviewed, preferring instead to ignore Harlow’s questions and say what she wanted. This is not a new tactic, but it has become overused to the pointContinue reading “Poppy Harlow Has Patience of a Saint”

Outlander, Mr. Peabody and Time Travel

  Having binge watched the first two seasons on Netflix, my wife is now reduced to a single weekly episode of Outlander. The hugely popular historical time travel series is in its third season, with a promise of a fourth to follow. …I have never really been able to grasp books or films that includeContinue reading “Outlander, Mr. Peabody and Time Travel”