Bro-Hug: Millennials Take on Handshakes

They call them the millennial generation, or just millennials, those folks who became young adults around the year 2000. Like all generations they will surely leave their mark on society and, tattoo-lovers that they are, on themselves. Lost on millennials is the title of the late Irish blues guitar great Rory Gallagher, Tattoo’d Lady, andContinue reading “Bro-Hug: Millennials Take on Handshakes”

Guns and Mental Illness; Which to Control

America’s love affair with guns baffles me. Once again the United States was the scene of a mass killing. Last week a man killed nine innocent people and injured nine more at a college in a small Oregon town. In the close-knit community essentially all were touched personally by the tragedy. Lives snuffed out; someContinue reading “Guns and Mental Illness; Which to Control”

Social Weapons: Seating Plans & Conga Lines

I’m not a social butterfly, however I do enjoy the occasional dress-up function, and with summer finally here the season begins. A wedding reception or milestone birthday bash can be fun. Except when the ‘forcers’ take over. Let me explain. God forbid guests should sit with whomever they choose …  why are you forcing meContinue reading “Social Weapons: Seating Plans & Conga Lines”