A Letter To FIFA; Just a Few Suggestions

Dear FIFA, Thank you so very much for a wonderful World Cup 2014 in Brazil. During the past month I have been wrapped up in the competition on a daily basis and have watched enough football games to last me … well … about four years. And therein lies perhaps your only problem; the lackContinue reading “A Letter To FIFA; Just a Few Suggestions”

World Cup 2014, Fair Play, and a 7-1 Match Result

But tell me, what part of fair play, role modeling, and Beautiful involves running up the score to 7 goals? Okay, it’s been a few days since the German drubbing of host-country Brazil in the semi-final of FIFA’s World Cup 2014. FIFA has long touted their support of fair play, particularly at its flagship event.Continue reading “World Cup 2014, Fair Play, and a 7-1 Match Result”

The Popularity of Soccer In My Neighbourhood

At one time the suggestion that soccer would usurp softball as the sport of choice for boys and girls during the summer would have been met with derisive chuckles. Yet there it is. With the FIFA World Cup in Brazil wrapping up this weekend much has have been written and said about the state ofContinue reading “The Popularity of Soccer In My Neighbourhood”

Sports Oddities: World Cup Solo Announcers, Wimbledon Pronunciation

Here in Canada the World Cup is being broadcast on the national network, CBC. During this first round fans are treated to three live matches every day starting at noon, followed by one at three o’clock and another at six o’clock. The day ends with a rebroadcast of one of the games at eight o’clock.Continue reading “Sports Oddities: World Cup Solo Announcers, Wimbledon Pronunciation”

World Cup 2014: The Silliness of the Own Goal

Well the first day of World Cup 2014 in Brazil is into the record books and we already have the first example of why North Americans have a bit of trouble with the beautiful game at this level. I specify at this level because there is no doubt that the number of kids playing soccerContinue reading “World Cup 2014: The Silliness of the Own Goal”

World Cup: FIFA Bans Vuvuzelas!

What in the name of St. Pele has FIFA gone and done? Amid never-ending accusations of match-fixing, FIFA has action by banning the use of vuvuzelas at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. In an attempt to maintain a ”Stadium Code of Conduct”, these noise makers that were so popular four years ago in SouthContinue reading “World Cup: FIFA Bans Vuvuzelas!”

ManU Fires Manager After Just Ten Months

Manchester United just fired their manager after only ten months in the position. The fact that the club is having its worst year since 1975 is the reason. Period. David Moyes, who was tasked with the impossible chore of filling the shoes of the legendary Sir Alex Ferguson at the helm of the team, cameContinue reading “ManU Fires Manager After Just Ten Months”