Replays Not Penalty Kicks

In the interest of clarity , let me point out that the following post is about football. Not the game we call football here in North America, but the Beautiful Game we refer to as soccer. Last weekend Italy won the Euro Cup by defeating England. I can’t say I’m a big football fan, butContinue reading “Replays Not Penalty Kicks”

World Cup 2026 and Montreal

As a child of EXPO 67 and teenager during the 1976 summer Olympics I was pleased to learn of Montreal’s potential role in staging matches during the 2026 World Cup. The Jean Drapeau years established the city as an excellent host to world-class events. But it was not long before reality set in. The currentContinue reading “World Cup 2026 and Montreal”

Sports Look Faster In Person – Usually

I am a fan of sports. But not being a fan of crowds I tend to limit myself to television coverage. Recently we were given a pair of “Prestige Passes” to attend the Rogers Cup ATP event in Montreal. Settling in I was pleased that there were several empty seats to my right, affording me plentyContinue reading “Sports Look Faster In Person – Usually”

Real Madrid and Costa Ricans in Montreal

I can’t claim to be a big football (soccer) fan, but I do watch the big events like UEFA and the World Cup. Regardless of my lack of knowledge, the words Real Madrid are well known to me. Like the New York Yankees and Montreal Canadiens, the team from Spain is known the world over.Continue reading “Real Madrid and Costa Ricans in Montreal”

Barns, Banjos and Soccer Goals

When we were kids if you should have the misfortune of throwing a baseball – or as good Canadian kids a snowball – well wide of the mark someone would no doubt suggest that you could not hit the broad side of a barn. Some even went on to embellish the degree of failure byContinue reading “Barns, Banjos and Soccer Goals”

Laura Bassett: Soccer’s Cruel Scorecard

The more I watch soccer (football for the rest of the world), the less I understand. Which is odd when you consider that, as a Canadian, I’ve had a steady diet of hockey which bears some resemblance to soccer. The player who unfortunately put the puck into his or her own net is not ‘officially’Continue reading “Laura Bassett: Soccer’s Cruel Scorecard”

Hey Canadian Tire, ‘Wanna’ Is Not a Word!

Canadian Tire is a big company that makes a point of giving back. They sponsor a variety of community events and causes. But evidently grammar is not their forte. Currently the company is running a campaign to get kids out into the fresh air, away from computers and video games for a little fun. GreatContinue reading “Hey Canadian Tire, ‘Wanna’ Is Not a Word!”

Helicopter Parents Return

And they’re back. Just as the swallows return to Capistrano each spring, the soccer helicopter parents have returned to the park up the street from my humble abode. Aside from hogging all the legal  parking spots on streets in the immediate vicinity of the park, causing locals returning home from work much annoyance as weContinue reading “Helicopter Parents Return”

Why is a Shot to the Bollocks – Someone Else’s – Funny?

Specialty networks like ESPN, NESN and TSN love highlights. With so many sports and leagues to report on, game highlights are a mainstay; touchdown after touchdown, goal after goal and of course a plethora of slam dunks. The more outstanding feats often get repeat showings and slow-motion analysis. Recently one such exemplary bit of actionContinue reading “Why is a Shot to the Bollocks – Someone Else’s – Funny?”

NHL Tie-Breaking: How About Zamboni Races?

If you ask me, and no one has, just leave the damned game tied. Give each team a point and go home. It worked for donkey’s years. However, if you must decide a game, if a clear winner and loser is your desire, then please decide the game by playing the game, not just oneContinue reading “NHL Tie-Breaking: How About Zamboni Races?”