Here’s My Beard, Ain’t It Weird?

Here’s my beard.Ain’t it weird?Don’t be sceered,It’s just a beard.– George Carlin As I quickly approach my 60th birthday this month I thought I’d push the boat out and give facial hair a chance. For many years as a younger man I was mustachioed, then one day for no real reason I shaved it off.Continue reading “Here’s My Beard, Ain’t It Weird?”

Montreal’s Snowy Owl Writes Letter of Thanks

…  he teaches English (in fact he is one of the few owls who still, on occasion, say Whom instead of Who – but only when grammatically correct). I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation for publishing my photograph recently. Yes, I am indeed the Snowy Owl caught on theContinue reading “Montreal’s Snowy Owl Writes Letter of Thanks”

Eugenie Bouchard: Do Ties Go With That Shake

I’m sure it’s tough being a professional athlete, although I’ve never had the experience myself. Rigorous training and competing, travel, and a small window of opportunity given the human body’s tendency to slow down with years all contribute to the lifestyle. Of course on the other hand professional athletes are getting paid to do whatContinue reading “Eugenie Bouchard: Do Ties Go With That Shake”

Montreal’s BELL Centre: Flat On My Back

It was my first appearance at ice-level in Montreal’s BELL Centre, home of the illustrious Montreal Canadiens hockey team And wouldn’t you just know it, my big chance to make an impression and I ended up flat on my back. As I lay there  a member of the medical team asked me questions: my fullContinue reading “Montreal’s BELL Centre: Flat On My Back”

Montreal Comiccon 2014: Russian Hands and Roman Fingers

Having never been a fan of science-fiction or fantasy, I have to admit that the first time I ever heard the term Comiccon was on The Big Bang Theory, the very funny television sitcom that revolves around the daily life of a group of geniuses and self-proclaimed nerds who often poke fun at themselves andContinue reading “Montreal Comiccon 2014: Russian Hands and Roman Fingers”

Celebrating 1000 Blog Posts!

Dear Valued Reader, Well, well, well. Who would have thought little old DCMontreal would run … okay, crawl and walk sometimes, to a thousand posts. Certainly not me. But here we are marking this momentous occasion, the millennium – at least this time we have no worries about computers exploding like Y2K. When I startedContinue reading “Celebrating 1000 Blog Posts!”

Hollywood Phone Hacks: Privacy vs Publicity

The news has been full of the most recent major hacking episode. No, not that morning ritual undertaken by smokers the world over, but the theft of photos from prominent people’s phones. Apple has taken measures to secure the iCloud so that in future thefts will not be possible. I’m sure that comes as badContinue reading “Hollywood Phone Hacks: Privacy vs Publicity”

Blogger’s Apartment Featured in Museum Display

Each year in Montreal, The McCord Museum puts together an exhibit for display outside on McGill College Avenue in the city’s downtown.  This year it is called Harry Sutcliffe – Strolling Through Montreal and features photographs from the 1920s and 30s. The photo below from the exhibition shows Sutcliffe’s foresight. To some this will appearContinue reading “Blogger’s Apartment Featured in Museum Display”

Selfie is Word of the Year – here’s a famous historical selfie

The folks at the Oxford Dictionary have bestowed the honor of ‘Word of the Year’ on Selfie. That popular term for creating an image of yourself by holding your smart phone up and snapping away, or using a mirror. New word? Sure. New concept? Hardly. Below is an example of a famous Selfie from 1889Continue reading “Selfie is Word of the Year – here’s a famous historical selfie”

Selfie tabby declines offer to run for mayor: No FergNation

Recently I awoke to find that my tabby Ferguson had been at my iPhone during the night and had taken a selfie. He’s still not talking about who the photo was sent to, but in my trash folder I did find the draft of an email to Purina, makers of Whiskas, which I know toContinue reading “Selfie tabby declines offer to run for mayor: No FergNation”