Why I Should Be Canada’s Next Governor General

The Canadian Governor General (GG), Julie Payette, has resigned amid a scandal that revolves around what has been called a toxic work environment. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist – and Ms Payette is, in fact, an actual rocket scientist and former astronaut – to realize that the position of GG is perhaps the mostContinue reading “Why I Should Be Canada’s Next Governor General”

Harry and Megs in Canada

The media, social and otherwise, have been abuzz with the latest from Britain’s royal family. The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry’s recent decision to “distance” himself and his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex from the royal family has been met with a barrage of opinions. (Opinions)range from outright disgust at the couple’s apparent disrespect forContinue reading “Harry and Megs in Canada”

Presidential Families: Bush and Clinton

With yesterday’s announcement that Hillary Rodham Clinton is indeed going to make a run for president of the United States In 2016, she faces an interesting dilemma. Namely, to go with the Clinton legacy, or try to forge ahead as just good old Hillary. (By the way, it’s Hillary with two l’s, not one.) HusbandContinue reading “Presidential Families: Bush and Clinton”

Abdicating Monarchs: Butterflies and Others

While sitting at my computer one morning last week I experienced one of those annoying flicking, twitching nerves in the corner of my eye. Being severely myopic and therefore susceptible to retinal detachment, I am always very attentive to these things as I understand peripheral flashing lights are a symptom of detachment. The movement continuedContinue reading “Abdicating Monarchs: Butterflies and Others”

Royal Wardrobe Malfunction or Prince George’s Humour?

Based on the angle of his gaze, and the position of his hand, I couldn’t help but wonder if wee Prince George hasn’t inherited some of his Uncle Harry’s sense of humour! DCMontreal is a Montreal writer born and raised who likes to establish balance and juxtapositions; a bit of this and a bit ofContinue reading “Royal Wardrobe Malfunction or Prince George’s Humour?”