Hot Air Corn Popper Safety

My wife and I have a Friday routine. I leave from home and she from work and we meet at the grocery store in the late afternoon. We do our shopping for the coming week, then go over to a mall for any odds and ends we might need. Of course we have spent moreContinue reading “Hot Air Corn Popper Safety”

My New iPhone is Out to Drive Me iNsane

I’ve given it considerable thought and can’t find another explanation: my new iPhone is definitely trying to drive me iNsane.  A few weeks ago my old iPhone decided to retire, necessitating the replacement thereof with a shiny new model. On the whole, I like my new iPhone. … when I need the screen to beContinue reading “My New iPhone is Out to Drive Me iNsane”

Avoid Big Travel Sites if You’re Looking For a Motel, Not a Hotel

As I wrote earlier we went on a little vacation recently. We found lovely accommodation and, weather aside, had a great time. Being a big proponent of the vast resources of the Internet, I tried to track down information online regarding a suitable motel. That’s mmmmMotel, not hotel. M not H. Not a great experience.Continue reading “Avoid Big Travel Sites if You’re Looking For a Motel, Not a Hotel”

Racism And Corruption: Deep Roots

This past weekend we rented the film Selma. The movie documents the events around the famous 1965 march from Selma, Alabama to Montgomery, the state’s capital, in protest of voter registration finagling. Racist hurdles were systematically put in place to make it essentially impossible for African Americans – then called Negroes- to complete the voterContinue reading “Racism And Corruption: Deep Roots”

Exit Piers Morgan; Enter Don Lemon?

Last night after just three years in the host’s seat Piers Morgan signed-off for the last time. He ended his stint as Larry King’s replacement in the coveted nine o’clock time slot on CNN by revisiting his crusade for tougher gun control laws. Unfortunately Morgan never really made an impact with viewers and was consistentlyContinue reading “Exit Piers Morgan; Enter Don Lemon?”

The Perfect Turkey Sandwich

I conduct this research most years and always come up with the same result; when it comes to turkey sandwiches simple is best, less is more, don’t gild the lily It’s T plus four days today; that’s the day that falls four days after the consumption of the Canadian Thanksgiving turkey. Some believe it standsContinue reading “The Perfect Turkey Sandwich”

New My Yahoo! Review

The bottom line: If this is a work in progress, no problem. If this is it, I understand why they won’t let you back as this is a mere shadow of the old My Yahoo! So I made the switch, daredevil that I am, to the new My Yahoo! Against all advice and knowing IContinue reading “New My Yahoo! Review”