Donation Difficulties

I currently find myself with a number of pieces of furniture and several boxes of perfectly usable kitchenware that I would like to donate to charity. There are no antiques, no heirlooms, just decent bits and bobs that someone could certainly use. All I needed was an organization to come by and pick up theContinue reading “Donation Difficulties”

Mr Trudeau Goes To Washington

Today Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with US President Donald Trump in Washington. While some of Trudeau’s initial shine may be a wee bit smudged after a couple of years in office, a fairly normal occurrence no doubt, I think it fair to say that he enjoys better approval ratings at home than doesContinue reading “Mr Trudeau Goes To Washington”

Quebec City Shooting: Spurred By Trump’s Anti-Muslim Rhetoric?

Two armed masked men armed stormed into a mosque on Sunday evening just as prayers were ending. They opened fire killing six men and injuring 19 others, five of whom remain in hospital in critical condition.   A nasty divisive debate has gripped the US regarding the nature of the bans. Are they religion-specific?  IsContinue reading “Quebec City Shooting: Spurred By Trump’s Anti-Muslim Rhetoric?”

Canada’s Justin Trudeau Welcomes Refugees: “Diversity Is Our Strength”

On September 11, 2001 while planes that had been hijacked by terrorists from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Lebanon were being flown into the World Trade Center and Pentagon, thousands of other flights were in the air. For obvious reasons the air space over the United States was soon closed and wasContinue reading “Canada’s Justin Trudeau Welcomes Refugees: “Diversity Is Our Strength””