The idiocy of audio sports highlights

There is an expression often used by sports commentators when an athlete does something outstanding; they say ‘that will make the highlight reel’. You can see just how old that adage is by the use of the word reel, referring to the time when teams put out end-of-season films featuring the best plays of theContinue reading “The idiocy of audio sports highlights”

Radio Is Not Just TV Without The Picture

I am not a media analyst or critic, but I have always been a fan of radio. It seems to me to be a much more intimate means of communication than television. When someone appears on TV they are talking to hordes of people, but that voice on the radio is aimed directly at me.Continue reading “Radio Is Not Just TV Without The Picture”

Traffic Reporters – Please Don’t Forget Downtown

At this time of a normal year I often feel sorry for radio traffic reporters. During most holiday seasons there is significantly less traffic volume, leading to traffic reporters trying to fill-in the couple of minutes allotted them, four times an hour. Add to these annual year-end doldrums the current pandemic lockdown, and the streetsContinue reading “Traffic Reporters – Please Don’t Forget Downtown”


The current COVID-19 Code Red situation in Montreal has caused an interesting conundrum, one that has received many hours of radio talk and newspaper ink. The number of people allowed to convene in one’s house is limited. The government radio advertisement states that ‘Indoor gatherings of family and friends are prohibited’. Not ‘not suggested’, notContinue reading “1-800-RAT-OUTS”

COVID-19: Radio Provides Best Local Info

Early in 1998 much of the northeast of North America was hit by a huge ice storm. It has come to be known as the Great Ice Storm of 1998. The rain turned to freezing rain and among other effects was the coating of power lines and pylons with a build-up of ice to the pointContinue reading “COVID-19: Radio Provides Best Local Info”

Clock Radio Snooze Button Farce

When it comes to clock radios and other rousing devices I am a big fan of snooze buttons. If I have to wake up and get up, perhaps a fire alarm or knock at the door,  the chances of me falling flat on my face are about even. I need a few snoozes to easeContinue reading “Clock Radio Snooze Button Farce”

Audio Sports Highlights Just Don’t Work

There is an expression used when an athlete makes a great play; they say ‘that will make the highlight reel’. You can see just how old that adage is by the use of the word reel, at one time teams put out end of season films of the best plays of the year.   I haveContinue reading “Audio Sports Highlights Just Don’t Work”