Quebec Elections: One Trick Ponies

Matthew Hays’ excellent op-ed, Opinion: True confessions of a diehard anglo leftie, in today’s The Gazette illustrates yet again what many people in the other Canadian provinces don’t understand: the political arena in Quebec is different from any other province (I dare not use the word distinct). The electors of Quebec, both sovereignist and federalist, areContinue reading “Quebec Elections: One Trick Ponies”

Civil rights marches, student protests, underworld hits – and masks

Last night an underworld settling of accounts was carried out in St. Leonard according to The Gazette.  Two masked men opened fire on the intended victims. It seems that in the netherworld of organized crime masks are de rigueur when carrying out “hits”. Two men shot by a pair of masked assailants who walked intoContinue reading “Civil rights marches, student protests, underworld hits – and masks”

Young voters…or non-voters

There is an interesting piece in The New York Times about young eligible voters who become involved in politocal party organizing and take up causes – but don’t actually vote!! Could we see this phenomenon here this September 4th after a long session of student protests? Only time will tell!! The missing link between issueContinue reading “Young voters…or non-voters”

Changes in student leadership…crumbling or new blood?

Now Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois has announced he is leaving his position as spokesperson for the student group CLASSE. Just a few days ago Léo Bureau-Blouin announced he was leaving FECQ to become a candidate for the Parti-Quebecois. Will Nadeau-Dubois follw suit? Do these resignations indicate a crumbling of the student organizations, or are they legitimate attemptsContinue reading “Changes in student leadership…crumbling or new blood?”

Quebec students to vote on resuming class

So when the protesting students want to effect change in a democratic society they take to the streets rather than the polls. But when they want to alter something internally they fall back on that old reliable democratic process called voting! Now that there is an actual election campaign underway, leading to a real electionContinue reading “Quebec students to vote on resuming class”

Former student leader and current Parti Québécois candidate calls for voting instead of protesting

Parti Québécois candidate Léo Bureau-Blouin on Thursday suggested  protesting students declare a “truce”for the duration of the election campaign. Amazing! He’s only been a candidate for one day and he’s telling people the way to change things is through voting. According to an aide to Bureau-Blouin, the former president of the Fédération étudiante collégiale duContinue reading “Former student leader and current Parti Québécois candidate calls for voting instead of protesting”

Tax return trickery

The Quebec student protest/strike/tuition increase is back in the news today. In Karen Seidman’s article in The Gazette (The forgotten detail of tuition dispute) she points out that the amount of the annual increase proposed over the next seven years by the Liberals comes to $171.39 when you factor in the tax breaks given toContinue reading “Tax return trickery”

Hot weather + Student protests = First long weekend of the summer

The protesting students are calling for a huge demonstration today in Montreal while the weather forecast is calling for a hot and humid afternoon with a chance of pop-up showers (I just disable them on my computer and stay dry). I feel we may see some variations on the nearly-nude protests that were held earlierContinue reading “Hot weather + Student protests = First long weekend of the summer”

Is international media attention good for the Quebec student protesters?

As I write this the sound of a helicopter hovering over Montreal’s downtown area is loud and clear. Once again the student protesters are out but this weekend they have a bigger audience. With the Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix in town a more international audience is being informed of the plight of the students.Continue reading “Is international media attention good for the Quebec student protesters?”