Parti Québécois swearing-in, Canadian flag and equalization payments

Yesterday Pauline Marois and her 53 Parti Québécois colleagues were sworn in as members of the National Assembly (MNA). Marois will be sworn in as Premier on Thursday. In a now familiar display of pettiness the Canadian flag was removed from the swearing in – even though the MNAs swore an oath to the CanadianContinue reading “Parti Québécois swearing-in, Canadian flag and equalization payments”

UPDATED: Disturbing graffito in Montreal

The “Free Bain” graffito at Ste. Catherine and Chomedey Streets has been replaced with “Don’t compare share”. Written in the same hand at the same place. I dare say this is a bit more positive. Original post from September 11, 2012 Strolling along Ste. Catherine Street this morning I was struck by the graffito onContinue reading “UPDATED: Disturbing graffito in Montreal”

Montreal condo conundrum

Over the last couple of days media coverage of the Montreal condo market has provided both good and bad news. The good news is that “Greater Montreal Area condo construction is expected to hit near record-high levels in 2012, with starts rising 118 per cent last month above an exceptionally weak August 2011″. The badContinue reading “Montreal condo conundrum”

An outside view of Quebec’s election

A recent editorial in The New York Times casts an interesting light on Quebec’s recent election. The writer, Francisco Toro, makes some interesting observations most of which I agree with fully. the only sticking point is: …Quebec needs a fresh start, and it is getting one.What it doesn’t need is to reopen the old, divisiveContinue reading “An outside view of Quebec’s election”

Quebec voters and parimutual bettors

Not so long ago Blue Bonnets was a horse racing venue in Montreal and not the current large concert setting and shopping mall. The system used to determine payouts was parimutual betting not fixed odds betting. In a nutshell, in parimutual betting  the final payout is not determined until the pool is closed – inContinue reading “Quebec voters and parimutual bettors”

Canadian election system skews results; statesmanship needed

In the aftermath of Tuesday’s very close Quebec election some are looking at the way we vote and suggesting it is time for a change. Proportional Representation (PR) seems to be on many people’s minds. Consider that in 1998, the Parti Québécois won a majority under Lucien Bouchard even though the Liberals won the popularContinue reading “Canadian election system skews results; statesmanship needed”

Quebec election afterthoughts

Well, what do you know? The Quebec business community is wary of the new Parti Québécois government, and not merely due to language restrictions. In today’s The Gazette, Michel Leblanc, president and CEO of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal commented: Some elements of the Parti Québécois program worry the business community, notably certainContinue reading “Quebec election afterthoughts”

Quebec electors send messages

The voting is done and the counting is over and the thing that is most evident is that the Quebec electorate sent several messages yesterday. From the voters of Quebec to: The Parti Québécois– it is time for a change and, as you are the only viable option at this point in time (see messageContinue reading “Quebec electors send messages”

Quebec elects first woman Premier; my prediction comes up short; most parties disappointed

Okay…my prediction was a bit off, but I did call a minority government, the fact I had the wrong party is a mere detail – I know, I’m not fooling anyone!! So the Parti Quebecois has been elected with a minority. They’re pleased to win, but annoyed by the minority, the Liberals lost, they’re annoyedContinue reading “Quebec elects first woman Premier; my prediction comes up short; most parties disappointed”

Quebec election prediction

With just over five hours until the polls close in Quebec here’s my prediction: After much agonizing and consideration a large number of the undecided voters, with pencil in hand, read the names on the ballot and hold their noses and vote Liberal giving Jean Charest a minority government. The determination of the official oppositionContinue reading “Quebec election prediction”