Snow is Inconvenient; But Cold Hurts!

As a blast of arctic air envelopes Montreal to start the week, the age-old debate arises. On buses, subways, on radio and in bars and cafes the discussion can be overheard: extreme cold vs. extreme snow. Certainly no one wants both, but given the choice which would you prefer. But most of all, cold friggin’Continue reading “Snow is Inconvenient; But Cold Hurts!”

Snow Removal Etiquette; Don’t Plow Me In!

Yesterday and overnight a significant amount of snow fell on Montreal. Between 20 and 30 centimetres depending on your source. Plows have been out non-stop clearing streets and sidewalks as per usual in this city which has an annual snow-removal budget of some one-billion dollars. One rule that does stand the test of time andContinue reading “Snow Removal Etiquette; Don’t Plow Me In!”

Would Amending the Highway Code Save Cyclists?

  Drivers are from Mars, cyclists are from Venus By Special to the Montreal Gazette, Montreal Gazette October 15, 2014 In the ’90s bestseller Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, author John Gray illustrates how the genders differ. Men and women can experience exactly the same event, and yet have totally different takesContinue reading “Would Amending the Highway Code Save Cyclists?”

Labour Day Event: Digby, Nova Scotia Rally Short on Stevedore Rodents!

For the tenth consecutive year the town of Digby, Nova Scotia has hosted its Labour Day Wharf Rat Rally. The event features motorcyclists from far and wide descending upon the small town in droves –  some estimates put the number at 25,000.  If you were looking for an event into which you could enter yourContinue reading “Labour Day Event: Digby, Nova Scotia Rally Short on Stevedore Rodents!”

Cyclists Are from Mars, Motorists Are from Venus

It has finally occurred to me why some cyclists and motorists have such a hard time communicating, often leading to dangerous encounters. Like lovers of fine art, who can both look at the very same painting yet see two entirely different things, drivers and cyclists see the exact same intersection differently. So if we areContinue reading “Cyclists Are from Mars, Motorists Are from Venus”

INRIX Traffic Index: Montreal Tops (Bottoms?) Canadian Cities

When it comes to time lost to traffic congestion, Montreal tops (bottoms?) all Canadian cities, and ranks 14th in the world! I don’t think this will come as a surprise to anyone who has ever tried to get around the city, particularly during the summer.   DCMontreal – Deegan Charles Stubbs – is a MontrealContinue reading “INRIX Traffic Index: Montreal Tops (Bottoms?) Canadian Cities”

If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Off The Bus!

Living in Canada you get used to weather-related comments and jokes. But of course they all focus on just how cold and miserable it can be here during the winter. No doubt our winters can be really cold and, perhaps worse, very long, to say nothing of dark. If a Canadian winter followed the calendarContinue reading “If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Off The Bus!”