UPDATED: Happy Birthday Montreal; Thanks For The Free Transit

Today marks the beginning of Montreal’s 375th anniversary celebrations. A whole summer of activities is planned and it all kicks-off today. I have written about my take on the festivities before. As a way of encouraging folks to participate, the Société de transport de Montréal will waive all bus and metro fares all day today. Yep, youContinue reading “UPDATED: Happy Birthday Montreal; Thanks For The Free Transit”

Downtown Montreal on a Precipice; Hope it Doesn’t Snow

I recall that it was only in the aftermath of the 1998 ice storm that we learned just how close Montreal had come to a total power outage that may have required the evacuation of the island. I imagine there must have been some very tense moments for the powers that be at Hydro Québec.Continue reading “Downtown Montreal on a Precipice; Hope it Doesn’t Snow”

Covered Detour Signs: What Fresh Hell is This?

Much like an occupying army, those ubiquitous orange traffic cones arrive under cover of darkness. Bleary-eyed citizens awake to find their street festooned with a veritable battalion of orange and black striped cones indicating upcoming road work and traffic problems. But an even more egregious omen of traffic mayhem is installed in broad daylight. TheContinue reading “Covered Detour Signs: What Fresh Hell is This?”

Montreal Buses: Some ‘Change’ needed

Montreal, like many North American cities, is coming to grips with an ageing infrastructure. Water mains, roads and overpasses that were all built around the same time as the population grew are now in need of repair or replacement. Seemingly endless road closures beset citizens and tourists all summer, but the fact is there isContinue reading “Montreal Buses: Some ‘Change’ needed”

Montreal Road Closures: Simplified Signage

While undertaking major infrastructure work, Montreal has been forced to close certain roads and highways for varying lengths of time. Coupled with  what seems like an endless amount of road repair work the city has finally realised that the way to save a few bucks on signage is to use the one below. DCMontreal –Continue reading “Montreal Road Closures: Simplified Signage”

No Sanctuary For Montreal Drivers

Summer is the time for road repairs and construction, I get that. This year has been particularly tough on Montreal drivers and visitors as a long overdue major overhaul of a main artery has caused pure chaos and havoc. The domino theory has resulted and even those roads not being worked on have been clogged with traffic. ToContinue reading “No Sanctuary For Montreal Drivers”

Will Urban Cycling Ever Work?

Recently the Government of Quebec passed new laws aimed at securing cyclists’ safety. I am all in favour of road safety for all, and hope these stricter laws will save lives. But I believe that until such time as cyclists take things seriously there will always be problems.  No one over the age of about eightContinue reading “Will Urban Cycling Ever Work?”

Confusing Montreal Road Repair Signs

There used to be a silly joke that stated you could keep a moron occupied for hours merely by giving him/her a piece of paper with “please turn over” written on both sides. While out for a stroll yesterday I came upon the road repair version of this. As shown above both sidewalks sported signs indicatingContinue reading “Confusing Montreal Road Repair Signs”

Welcome to Montreal, Please Don’t Turn Right on Red

Recently I saw an item on the number of European countries that have elected governments with far right positions. In the US, the current battles for party presidential candidates show a strong move further to the right for the Republicans as Donald Trump talks walls and immigration. All these turns to the right, even ifContinue reading “Welcome to Montreal, Please Don’t Turn Right on Red”

Ottawa City Council Caves to Uber

After months of rejection the city councilors of Ottawa on Wednesday voted to allow taxi services such as Uber. There was one dissenting vote among the twenty-four cast. Bravo Eli El-Chantiry. Unlike many of my friends south of the border, I like regulations. I like big government keeping an eye on things I have alwaysContinue reading “Ottawa City Council Caves to Uber”