In Business Since …

As a ten-year-old in 1969, I can recall the famed Canadian department store Eaton’s – the T. Eaton Company – marking its 100th anniversary. In those days much of the department store business was carried out over the phone, with the product being delivered in a day or two. As part of the celebrations, Eaton’sContinue reading “In Business Since …”

White House Press Secretary Not Striking a Balance

I think it fair to say that the job of White House Press Secretary is a tough one. Dealing on a daily basis with hordes of reporters from around the world, all of whom need answers to their questions, requires a special kind of skill. To be a good press secretary you have to knowContinue reading “White House Press Secretary Not Striking a Balance”

Make America Clean Again

The folks at Procter & Gamble have announced a new look for Mr. Clean. The new iconic brand character will be African American. After 59 years the time has come to give the original a break. I have to admit that the way things have been going in the United States recently, when I first heardContinue reading “Make America Clean Again”

“The World Needs More Canada” is a Great Slogan For 150th Birthday in 2017

  Mr. Trudeau please cancel any contracts with advertising agencies that may involve the writing of a catchy phrase to be used next year for our 150th birthday; we have our slogan. There have been some great advertising slogans over the years. “I ❤️ New York”, said I love New York, not I heart New York, isContinue reading ““The World Needs More Canada” is a Great Slogan For 150th Birthday in 2017″

Trump Tapes; More Grist for the Media Mill(er)

The latest chapter in the love-hate relationship that has developed between presumptive GOP presidential candidate  Donald J. Trump and the media (he loves to hate them) involves twenty-five year old audio tapes. Trump allegedly posed as his own publicist, calling himself John Miller, and conducted a phone interview with People magazine. The world of publicistsContinue reading “Trump Tapes; More Grist for the Media Mill(er)”

Five Rules to Improve Your Retail Experience

I imagine it is safe to say that at one time or another we all find ourselves shopping in a large retail outlet. This can sometimes be an unnecessarily annoying experience. So I have put together a few rules that retailers should follow to make their clients, us, happier and therefore more likely to spend.Continue reading “Five Rules to Improve Your Retail Experience”

Scotiabank: You Cannot Be Both New and Improved!

In a current television ad for Canadian bank Scotiabank there are two very irksome aspects. Yet again I find myself pointing out that it is impossible to be both new and improved. The kind lady in the ad manages to move a few things around and save the young lad $1500 so he can takeContinue reading “Scotiabank: You Cannot Be Both New and Improved!”

Uber Taxi Service Uber-Gouges Clients

Uber: to an extreme or excessive degree                        The Uber taxi alternative has been getting lots of media attention over the last year or so. Most of it positive. That is until the recent New Year’s Eve debacle. SinceContinue reading “Uber Taxi Service Uber-Gouges Clients”

Hey Canadian Tire, ‘Wanna’ Is Not a Word!

Canadian Tire is a big company that makes a point of giving back. They sponsor a variety of community events and causes. But evidently grammar is not their forte. Currently the company is running a campaign to get kids out into the fresh air, away from computers and video games for a little fun. GreatContinue reading “Hey Canadian Tire, ‘Wanna’ Is Not a Word!”

BMO and University of Phoenix TV Ad Déjà Vu

In so doing he steps on and activates a child’s toy, the sound of which gets a child, whom we now see in a crib, worked up and crying. This in turn leads to waking up a weird looking older man in a bed. What he’s doing there is anyone’s guess. The other night IContinue reading “BMO and University of Phoenix TV Ad Déjà Vu”