Quebec Election Day: Vote!

It is election day in Quebec. Amid all the campaign posters and stickers that have sprouted up over the last 33 days – evidently in lieu of daffodils, but one hopes spring will get here eventually – one store window stands out. The staff of the downtown Ste. Catherine Street location of Lululemon has turnedContinue reading “Quebec Election Day: Vote!”

Quebec Linguistic Oddity

As we wind-down the 2014 Quebec election campaign and get ready to actually cast ballots on Monday, the only poll that counts, the country’s media is chock-a-block with coverage. Nice to feel wanted! Here’s a fun little linguistic tidbit – no, not that sort of linguistic problem – let’s leave those aside until at leastContinue reading “Quebec Linguistic Oddity”

Quebec Elections: One Trick Ponies

Matthew Hays’ excellent op-ed, Opinion: True confessions of a diehard anglo leftie, in today’s The Gazette illustrates yet again what many people in the other Canadian provinces don’t understand: the political arena in Quebec is different from any other province (I dare not use the word distinct). The electors of Quebec, both sovereignist and federalist, areContinue reading “Quebec Elections: One Trick Ponies”

Kudos to Domino’s Pizza in Montreal

I’m a firm believer in the concept of fair play: when I don’t think I’ve received appropriate customer service, I’m the first to bitch, but that must work both ways.  Here’s an example. Last Friday evening I dropped by a local Domino’s Pizza store here in Montreal (boul. Rene-Levesque West at MacKay Street if you’reContinue reading “Kudos to Domino’s Pizza in Montreal”

March Roars in Like a Lion?

As the poem goes, March comes in like a lion but goes out like a lamb. The idea being March is when we transition seasonally from winter to spring, just like the calendar would have you believe. As I’ve written elsewhere, I’m not too keen on relying on animals – i.e. groundhogs –  to beContinue reading “March Roars in Like a Lion?”

Sochi Olympic Games Poll

The Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, Russia are now over. Thankfully all went well from a security standpoint and the organizers are being praised. The same organizers who were being raked over the coals just two weeks ago when it appeared all was not ready for the arrival of the world. In retrospect what didContinue reading “Sochi Olympic Games Poll”

Sochi Hockey Polls

For those of us in Canada, when it comes to the Winter Olympics the main event is Hockey because as the inventors of the game we feel our teams – men and women – must win. Other countries, particularly our neighbors to the south, the USA, have become very competitive over the years, and nowContinue reading “Sochi Hockey Polls”

Bus stop etiquette poll findings

While it’s not too late to make your opinion known, here are the findings so far of my Bus Sine Etiquette poll. The options were, having arrived first at a bus stop in inclement weather with ten minutes until the next bus is due, do you have to actually stay at the bus stop toContinue reading “Bus stop etiquette poll findings”

Bus Stop Etiquette

Bus stop, wet day, she’s there, I say Please share my umbrella Bus stop, bus goes, she stays, love grows Under my umbrella – The Hollies Here’s a little bus stop conundrum that I ponder from time to time. Picture this: it’s a very cold/snowy/rainy day. You arrive at your bus stop only to realizeContinue reading “Bus Stop Etiquette”

Montreal ranked ninth among world’s best student cities

According to QS, Montreal ranks ninth in the world when it comes to places to go to university. Just ahead of Montreal in eighth spot  is Boston. This clearly indicates that while the ability to ‘Have a cold Sam Adams while looking at a cold Sam Adams’ was considered, the number of Stanley Cup banners wasContinue reading “Montreal ranked ninth among world’s best student cities”