Grass Roots And Grassroots

The Grass Roots was an American rock band in the late sixties and early seventies. Their biggest, but certainly not their only, hit was Midnight Confessions, a song that still gets played on many oldies stations. On the other hand, the concept of Grassroots politics is significantly different, but no less an integral part ofContinue reading “Grass Roots And Grassroots”

Avoid COVID-19 Surcharges – They’re On The Way

The daily numbers are showing improvement. New cases of COVID-19 are down, recoveries are up, deaths are down and, some sort of future with COVID seems possible. Cities are slowly, carefully reopening – shopping, recreation, and non-essential work are resuming. And a new facet of the pandemic rears its ugly head: welcome the COVID-19 surcharge.Continue reading “Avoid COVID-19 Surcharges – They’re On The Way”

Poll: Should Montreal Cancel St. Paddy’s Parade?

The Montréal St. Patrick’s Day parade is the longest-running of its kind in Canada – uninterrupted since 1824! (Although the parade was actually canceled in 1918 for various reasons, some ascribed to controversies over WWI conscription, but Montrealers defied the city’s orders and paraded nonetheless.) With the current COVID-19 situation should the parade, like thoseContinue reading “Poll: Should Montreal Cancel St. Paddy’s Parade?”

Canadian Election Turns Uglier

It’s the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. A time to gather with family, eat and drink too much, and give thanks for all the good things we have. And I think most of us can scrape up at least a few positives in our lives to muse on.  Dirty politics are nothing new, even in Canada, butContinue reading “Canadian Election Turns Uglier”

Odd Quebec Election Campaign Slogan

The Quebec Liberal Party finds itself trailing in early election campaign polls. While other parties try to tap into the Liberal’s traditional Anglophone support, I suspect these attempts will fail. Yet I find the English version of the party’s slogan, “To make life easier for Quebecers” somewhat odd. By all means make things better, stronger,Continue reading “Odd Quebec Election Campaign Slogan”

Take Back The U.S.A.

A snippet of observation from the safety of my armchair sociologist’s lair. It is not news that in the last US election Hillary Clinton garnered 48.2% of the popular vote to Donald Trump’s 46.1%. A not insignificant difference of 2.1%. However the Electoral College system gave the election to Trump based on the distribution ofContinue reading “Take Back The U.S.A.”

President Trump: Impeach and Imprison

There is a poll out that illustrates how some 96% of people who voted for Donald Trump last November would do so again. This seems to be interpreted as a positive sign for the President, but it occurs to me that he has lost 4% of his base. When your own constituency is eroding, evenContinue reading “President Trump: Impeach and Imprison”

#TBT Good Business Does Not Equal Good Government

With Donald Trump now the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential candidate the time has come to take a look at the big picture. One of Trump’s main selling points is his skill as a businessman. He  has amassed a fortune in business, but does that make him, or anyone with a similar background for that matter,Continue reading “#TBT Good Business Does Not Equal Good Government”

Surreal: Trump, Russian Hacking and Life Imitates Art

There’s an old saying about a person who is too close, too involved in a situation to see it as it really is. It is often said that they can’t see the forest for the trees. As we put 2016 behind us and approach the January 20th inauguration of now President Elect Donald Trump IContinue reading “Surreal: Trump, Russian Hacking and Life Imitates Art”

Trump Victory: FBI 1 – Democracy 0

In the immediate aftermath of the 2016 US election heads around the world are shaking. If not spinning. How could this have happened? How could so many pollsters get it so wrong? What happens next? It seems to me, sitting north of the United States, that a mere ten days ago Hillary Clinton was cruisingContinue reading “Trump Victory: FBI 1 – Democracy 0”