Odd Quebec Election Campaign Slogan

The Quebec Liberal Party finds itself trailing in early election campaign polls. While other parties try to tap into the Liberal’s traditional Anglophone support, I suspect these attempts will fail. Yet I find the English version of the party’s slogan, “To make life easier for Quebecers” somewhat odd. By all means make things better, stronger,Continue reading “Odd Quebec Election Campaign Slogan”

Who vs Whom on Campus

On the front page of today’s Montreal Gazette there is an article about yesterday’s protest at McGill University. Concordia and McGill students decried the schools’ administrations lack of action on sexual misconduct accusations. Clearly an issue of great importance. But let me disrupt your thoughts on these allegations for a moment and turn to anotherContinue reading “Who vs Whom on Campus”

Presidential Decorum a Relic of the Past

I have a friend who is American but currently resides here in Montreal. He has often commented to me about how knowledgeable he finds many Canadians are regarding the United States. I have pointed out that for Canadians, living so close to the USA, it is almost impossible not to become more than familiar withContinue reading “Presidential Decorum a Relic of the Past”

Banning Through Traffic On Mont-Royal Just Another Slap For Downtown Merchants

According to Wikipedia: With access to six universities and twelve junior colleges in an 8 kilometer (5 mi) radius, Montreal, Quebec (Canada) has the highest proportion of post-secondary students of all major cities in North America. This represents roughly 248,000 post-secondary students, one of the largest numbers in the world. This is just one ofContinue reading “Banning Through Traffic On Mont-Royal Just Another Slap For Downtown Merchants”

Time For Major GOP Funders To Withhold

In the wake of yet another mass killing at yet another US school, the rallying cry has gone out to get elected officials to do something about the ridiculously easy access to high-powered guns in the United States. And as usual, one party, the Democrats, are standing with those shouting for an end, while RepublicansContinue reading “Time For Major GOP Funders To Withhold”

Trump’s Potty Mouth Deters Media From Real Issue

The concept of debating or discussing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin has a very long history. It goes way back, but no matter how far into its past you delve it still means the same thing. It refers to people wasting time pondering a topic of no real valueContinue reading “Trump’s Potty Mouth Deters Media From Real Issue”

Trump Losing Grip, Soon The Funnel Be Over

Since the bombshell dropped last week, no, not the weather bomb that pounded the northeast with snow and frigid temperatures, but the publication of Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury, many have been questioning President Trump‘s mental state. Is he capable of carrying out the duties of the office? No this is full-fledged ego-fed looney-tunes,Continue reading “Trump Losing Grip, Soon The Funnel Be Over”

Theaters of War and Entertainment

Theater is a word often used to indicate an area of warfare. I have often thought that a bizarre choice of word. According to Wikipedia: In warfare, a theater or (theatre) is an area or place in which important military events occur or are progressing. A theater can include the entirety of the air space,Continue reading “Theaters of War and Entertainment”

Twitter Suspends Racist Account

The folks over at Twitter have taken action by suspending the account of Britain First, a far-right neo-nazi group. While many are praising Twitter for taking steps to block this sort of trash, others are questioning the mega-site’s role in freedom of expression. I have to admit that no matter how egregious I find thisContinue reading “Twitter Suspends Racist Account”

Poppy Harlow Has Patience of a Saint

Yesterday CNN’s Poppy Harlow had an interesting encounter with Roy Moore’s – spokeswoman Jane Porter. I use the word encounter instead of interview because Porter refused to actually be interviewed, preferring instead to ignore Harlow’s questions and say what she wanted. This is not a new tactic, but it has become overused to the pointContinue reading “Poppy Harlow Has Patience of a Saint”