My Neighbour Is Sick

For as long as I can remember we’ve had the same neighbour. We go back years, decades, indeed centuries. We live in what in the real estate world is known as a semi-detached. Which of course means it is also semi-attached; we share one very long partition, I am hesitant to call it a wall, givenContinue reading “My Neighbour Is Sick”

Garbage: Public And Private

The city in which I have lived all of my nearly sixty-one years decided to undertake a war on garbage. A very noble cause indeed. But I must admit there is also a bit of confusion in the signs that have been posted on many if not all trash cans. The sign on the leftContinue reading “Garbage: Public And Private”

Should Montrealers Boycott Restaurants Acting Like Bars?

On Monday, June 22, after months of inactivity due to COVID-19, many Montreal restaurants will be reopening. Of course, they will do so under strict conditions regarding social distancing. But some customers are better than no customers. If you do not have a kitchen, and therefore only have a permit to sell alcohol, you areContinue reading “Should Montrealers Boycott Restaurants Acting Like Bars?”

Quebec Referendum Forty Years Later

Today, May 20, 2020, marks the fortieth anniversary of the first referendum in the Canadian province of Quebec. I recall casting my vote on that day at the school across from our home. It was, much like today, a beautiful sunny spring day. … were those who wanted to begin the process of establishing anContinue reading “Quebec Referendum Forty Years Later”

COVID-19: Hank Aaron Knew What To Do With A Curve

It should come as no surprise that some, arguably all, politicians, from time to time, tell a wee lie. Sometimes, of course, they are real porky pies, and not wee at all. Outright lying is one thing, unacceptable under almost any circumstances other than life or death. The current US President is an example ofContinue reading “COVID-19: Hank Aaron Knew What To Do With A Curve”

Dublin: History You Can Touch

My wife and I recently took a trip to Ireland. There are so many aspects of this wonderful country that strike the visitor. But perhaps chief among them is the history, both ancient and modern, in which Ireland is steeped. … and you thought Jesus Christ was the only one who rose on Easter One-hundredContinue reading “Dublin: History You Can Touch”

COVID-19: Isolation vs Economy

In North America, we’ve reached an odd point in our collective COVID-19 experience. Government leaders, in daily statements, are trying to strike a balance of two diametrically opposed positions. On the one hand, they hammer home the importance, for everyone’s benefit, of staying home. While also dropping hints about getting the economy restarted. Unless weContinue reading “COVID-19: Isolation vs Economy”

When It Comes To Cars Montreal Is More Fresno Than Oslo

Evidently, if a recent article in a local newspaper is accurate, Montreal is in a war (a losing one this far) with cars. Our mayor has shown scorn for car owners by severely reducing the number of parking spots in the downtown core.  Her major reworking of central artery Ste. Catherine Street will see widerContinue reading “When It Comes To Cars Montreal Is More Fresno Than Oslo”

Justin Trudeau Misses Chance To Quote Father

They say that history tends to repeat itself. Given some of the rotten things that have taken place – wars, plagues, racism – I hope this supposition does not hold water. Yet last night in London, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had an opportunity to draw on the past. During a gathering of what isContinue reading “Justin Trudeau Misses Chance To Quote Father”

Canadian Election Turns Uglier

It’s the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. A time to gather with family, eat and drink too much, and give thanks for all the good things we have. And I think most of us can scrape up at least a few positives in our lives to muse on.  Dirty politics are nothing new, even in Canada, butContinue reading “Canadian Election Turns Uglier”